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Hemorrhoid & IBS Free: Stop Colorectal Problems for Life

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Hemorrhoid & IBS Free: Stop Colorectal Problems for Life

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Most people don’t really think about their digestive system. It is only when something goes wrong that we begin to consider its importance. However, there are now many illnesses and diseases in modern society that relate to the digestive system (such as constipation, acid reflux, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's, hemorrhoids, colon cancer and many others).

If you were like me three years ago you probably believe fiber is the cure-all for lowering cholesterol, preventing colon and breast cancers, reducing your risk of heart disease, regulating your blood sugar, preventing weight gain and slowing appetite, flushing your colon, and magically stopping constipation.
Sadly, these lies and half truths just made me even sicker.

Fiber, whether from supplements or from fruits and vegetables is the direct cause or at least a major contributor to all these problems and others.

As humans, we are used to getting small amounts of fiber but not the massive 19 - 38g that the USDA says we need. And the worst part is they are telling us that we don’t get enough fiber. Just turn on the TV, listen to the radio, etc., there is a fiber campaign going on in this country. Fiber is big money. Fiber is now in cheese and dozens of foods you would never suspect, like milk shakes!
So I ask, why fiber?
Lets all ask, why fiber? There is one major problem with that. Who do you ask? Everyone is pushing fiber. From our doctor, to the major multinational conglomerate food companies.

But just a generation ago people from all over the world avoided fiber like the plague. Avoiding fiber was good nutrition.
People around the world would peel fruits and vegetables before eating them because they knew fiber caused many problems.

The medical community does not know why we have or how we develop many colorectal diseases.

I don’t want to blame the medical community, they are trained by big pharma. No matter who’s fault this is, it doesn't matter. And really, you have so little to lose cutting out some real crap from your diet. You may find that a colorectal reboot was just what turns you around.
So when they tell you, fiber, fiber, fiber it absolutely can’t be to cure you.
Now before you get uppity let me say that doctors, heck everyone, is trained to believe that fiber is good. So it isn’t like some big conspiracy.

And heck, I don't expect you to believe what I say. I want you to read this tell all book and do some research on your own and you will find, if you look deep enough that fiber was born out of quack science and has only been pushed on us for 3 or 4 decades.

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