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Relationship with God: Praying for Divine Love

Relationship with God: Praying for Divine Love

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Relationship with God: Praying for Divine Love

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Oct 1, 2012


Jesus describes how to transform our souls by longing for and receiving God’s Love.
Document source filename: 20090620 Relationship With God - Praying For Divine Love.
This ebook is a transcript of a seminar delivered by Jesus (AJ Miller) on 20th June 2009 in Brisbane, Australia, as part of the Relationship with God series.

Oct 1, 2012

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Relationship with God - Jesus (AJ Miller)

Relationship with God:

Praying for Divine Love


Jesus (AJ Miller)

Published by

Divine Truth, Australia at Smashwords

Copyright 2014 Divine Truth

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This ebook is a transcript of a seminar delivered on 20th June 2009 in Brisbane, Australia, by Jesus (also known as AJ Miller) outlining, as part of the Relationship with God series, how to transform our souls by longing for and receiving God’s Love.

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Jesus and Mary would like to remind you that any document produced by Divine Truth containing any information from Jesus, Mary or any other person includes only a portion of God's Truth that they have personally discovered.

It does not and cannot contain the entire of God's Truth since God's Truth is infinite and humankind will forever continue to discover more of God's Truth as we progress in receiving more of God's Love.

Please remember that due to these limitations information contained within this document may need to be revised in the future.

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Table of Contents

Longing for Divine Love: Part 1

1. Introduction

2. Understanding how to receive Divine Love is the most important truth of the universe

3. God is an entity with whom we can have a personal relationship with

3.1. Message from Loss Trenos in the Padgett messages

3.2. Reluctance towards hearing about God

4. Jesus’ teachings about prayer in the 1st Century

5. God designed the universe to draw us to Her

6. God desires a personal relationship with us

7. The Holy Spirit transmits Divine Love into our souls when we are in Divine Truth

7.1. Understanding truth at an emotional level transforms our lives

8. The importance of praying for Divine Love for soul progression

8.1. All these other things will be added to you

8.2. Self reliance vs. God reliance

8.3. Understanding truth at the soul level

8.4. Our emotional injuries impair our relationship with God

9. The importance of faith for connecting to God

9.1. Faith is based on real evidence

9.2. Receiving Divine Love is a physical connection that occurs between God’s and our soul

9.3. Lack of faith that God loves us blocks our connection with God

9.4. Being angry with God

10. The prayer for Divine Love

11. What Divine Love does to the human soul

11.1. Divine Love expands the soul’s ability to love

11.2. Divine Love expands the soul’s ability for mediumship

11.3. Divine Love expands the soul’s ability to express its gifts

11.4. Divine Love allows the soul to progress beyond the sixth sphere of the spirit world

11.5. Divine Love transforms the soul into a new creature with greater capacities

11.6. The soul is capable of shrinking as well as expanding

11.7. Our souls control every aspect of our lives

11.8. Divine Love transforms our soul into a supernormal soul with much greater power

11.9. Divine Love exposes untruths within our souls

11.10. Divine Love allows us to grow infinitely

11.11. Divine Love allows us to reach a state where we forgive instantly

11.12. Receiving Divine Love increases joy in our lives

11.13. Receiving Divine Love allows us to become at-one with God

11.14. Spirits in the sixth sphere of the spirit world

11.15. Receiving Divine Love without being aware of it

Longing for Divine Love: Part 2

12. The prayer for Divine Love

12.1. We are not inherently sinful, but are perfect creations of God

12.2. God is not punishing nor wrathful

12.3. Our feelings of unworthiness block our connection with God

12.4. God desires to be at-one with us

12.5. Our desires that are in harmony with love grow as we grow towards God

12.6. Progressing on the Divine Love Path vs. the Natural Love Path; the example of a splinter

12.7. Receiving God’s Love requires an open soul and living in truth

12.8. Divine Love can transform our souls into the Divine

12.9. Receiving Divine Love increases our faith

12.10. Receiving Divine Love to the point of at-onement with God transforms us into immortal souls

12.11. If we long for Divine Love sincerely, we will receive it

12.12. Temptations of the flesh

12.13. Negative spirit influence

12.14. God smiles upon our weaknesses

12.15. Trusting God

13. The Divine Love Path is all about connecting to God

14. The benefits of a relationship with God

15. Emotions of self-deception

16. Processing blockages to causal emotions

17. The closing of the Gates of Heaven

18. Questions from the audience

18.1. Is there ever going to be a time when the Earth with pass away?

18.2. How does the soul condition of one half of a soul affect the other half?

18.3. How big is God?

18.4. What is God’s view on abortion?

18.5. How do our parents choose us?

19. Closing Words

Appendix 1: Seminar Outline

Appendix 2: The prayer for Divine Love

Longing for Divine Love: Part 1

1. Introduction

I sent out an email recently. It’s been a while since I sent out an email to everyone and the reason for the email was that I wanted to address some of these issues people have regarding how they process their emotions. In particular how they process their emotions about things that I say. Because what I find happens is a lot of people listen for a period of time and then I say something that really grates badly, that really annoys them or upsets them, or is very personal, and instead of letting themselves sit and settle into those emotions, what they have a tendency to do is to really overreact with that emotion and live in the emotion, which is actually not the Divine Love Path by the way. (00:00.49)

So remember all the things I have talked to you about the Divine Love Path so far have all been about owning your own emotions, allowing yourself to settle into your emotions, feel your emotions, process your emotions and then when you do that, when you’re in that state of complete ownership obviously God can connect to you far better. Unfortunately a lot of people haven’t got that message yet and so they respond quite angrily and get upset with me, which has been happening unfortunately for the last four or five weeks for some; I have got quite a lot of different messages over that period of time. And, even though at times you don’t send me the message, trust me when you feel it, I feel it, and so I just want to remind you of that. And so every time you get upset and angry with me I’m feeling that, I can feel who it is and what they feel about it and why and obviously sometimes there’s hundreds or even thousands or sometimes, in the case of spirits, there’s millions of them doing that at one time, which can get a bit overbearing. (00:01.45)

Participant: Don’t you get the good ones too?

Of course I get the good ones too, but unfortunately because I’m still working through unworthiness the bad ones have a greater effect on me, so that’s the way it goes. (00:01.59)

Now, do all of you have a handout for today’s session? Today’s session is about longing for Divine Love. And what I wanted to do today… This is probably the most important piece of information you could ever tell any single person, that you could ever discuss, of anything to do with God.

2. Understanding how to receive Divine Love is the most important truth of the universe

Now, the reason why I have left it this long to tell you this… and you’ll know that I have told you many messages over the last eighteen months, for many of you who have known me for that long, about receiving Divine Love and how you receive Divine Love and so forth. The reason why I have waited until now is that it’s really important that you understand the emotions inside of yourself and you understand your own soul before you actually get some of this information. And so that’s what I have been doing for the last eighteen months, basically preparing your soul for the reception of the most important truth of the universe which happens to be today; what we’re going to present today. (00:03.04)

Now many of you already know it, because I’ve discussed it on many occasions before, but today I want to discuss it in detail. And in fact the detail that I’ll be providing today is not the normal and I’ll even go further into detail to it in coming discussions.

The reason why it’s so important is because without this one thing your soul cannot expand beyond the sixth sphere. So this particular discussion is all about how you can eternally expand as an individual. Whether you are living here on Earth or you’re in the spirit world, this information is the most important information you could ever receive. But it’s connected to God, and when we hear the term God, many of us still have this shudder sort of feeling, where we feel, Oh this God stuff, it’s all getting a bit too religious for me, and we start going down that track. (00:04.03)

3. God is an entity with whom we can have a personal relationship with

My internal viewpoint of God is a mixture of things and one of the things I internally view God as is, it’s a scientific fact to me that God exists. And later down the track we’ll be talking about, and I’m not talking today, I mean down the track in later discussions, we’ll be talking about how we can actually prove to ourselves that God exists. The information you receive today is one of the ways you can prove it because it’s the reception of Divine Love when you ask for it that you start receiving it and you start feeling the changes within you, and if you can start trusting that emotionally, it’s going to prove to you the truth that actually God exists. (00:04.47)

And God doesn’t exist as some kind of far out nebulous sort of energy source, it’s not like that at all. God is a personal being, an entity, with whom you can have a relationship. So for example, if you were just thinking for a moment, if you thought of God as an energy source then God becomes like an electricity plant. If you think of God as just the energy of the universe, then you can think of God as the electricity plant of the Universe. Now do you have an emotional relationship with your local electricity plant? You don’t, do you? You might have a bit of an emotion about it when you plug in the power and turn on the switch and nothing happens, then you might have an emotion, but you don’t actually have the feelings of love go to your electricity plant and feelings of love come back from your electricity plant. Those kinds of things just don’t happen. And this is the problem if we can see God as being some kind of energy system of the universe, then we have a very, very incomplete viewpoint of God and also it’s going to be very, very difficult for us to connect to God. But if we see God as a being, who is my Creator, your Creator, and we start connecting to God on a very, very loving and personal basis, now we have a love transaction that can occur between ourselves and God. (00:06.20)

So what I’m going to suggest today and one of the reasons for the discussion today is to address this emotional issue that some of us have that

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