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Accidentally Yours (Supernatural, Mind Control Erotica)

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Pete Darrell grew up around wealth, but was always aware it would all go to his brother. That changes when he catches Derrick trying to sacrifice their groundskeeper Julie to a demon. Killing him by accident, now Pete is the heir to the Darrell fortune. And the mysterious power his brother was after.

Julie is a good, Christian girl that's saving herself for marriage. But after she's rescued by Pete, she finds herself drawn in by him. He even invades her dreams, teaching her to enjoy all sorts of sinful acts. Confused, aroused, and tempted, dream and reality begin to blur for Julie.

This 15,000 word story about irrestible passion contains oral sex, masturbation, sex between a man and a woman, and sex between a man and a female demon. For adults only.


Julie's heart was thudding in her chest now, and her skin felt hot, but she wasn't afraid like she'd been then. Now she felt straight away what had taken a few seconds to take a hold of her in that hospital room as she walked towards him.

And then she'd ... she'd ... 'It was sinful, I'm so bad. Wicked, just wicked to do that just because Pete gave me a wink and a nod. I need to be punished.” That last errant thought was accompanied by a dark shadow of an image of her bent over naked getting paddled. Her face looked more ecstatic than contrite.

“No!” she said as her mind shied away from it. “What was that?” Julie whispered to herself. Before she could begin to find an answer, there was a knock on the door.

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