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SECRETS of Creating An Amazing Life

SECRETS of Creating An Amazing Life

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SECRETS of Creating An Amazing Life

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Aug 22, 2012


Yes! As you always suspected the seemingly random events of everyday life are anything but random. It’s time for you to find out how chance meetings and apparent ‘coincidences’ are really profound expressions of the universe's grand design... And the fact that you are holding this book in your hands right now is how no coincidence either. The power to live your dreams is within your grasp, at this very moment.

You're about to journey right into the heart of the universe... into the quantum (sub-atomic) level of reality, where the material universe of matter and energy dissolves. This quantum zone is where creation begins - where magic and science combine - and where mind and matter meet. This is a scientific fact. Ground-breaking experiments by physicists such as Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Max Plank and Erwin Schrodinger have shown that in the quantum zone, scientific experiments are directly affected by the expectations (or intention) of the experimenter.

You see, if you design an experiment to prove that light is a wave, the experiment proves it. But if you design an experiment to prove that light is a particle - you can prove that too! Yet according to conventional physics, light cannot be both!

That is perhaps the most far-reaching discovery ever made in science. The implications are immense. Put simply, it means that physical reality itself can be changed by nothing more than the intention of the observer's mind - your mind. Welcome to the New Science.

And there can be no doubting the conclusions of quantum science, because it underlies all of modern electronic and computer technology. But, even more important... This Invisible Universe Force is also the most powerful force at work in your life, once you learn to use it!

Aug 22, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Richard Carswell is a leading authority on the development of human potential and higher levels of achievement has a rare talent to both entertain audiences and enrich their lives. A Kodak Award Winning Photographer Richard has journeyed to over 145 countries. A world-class adventurer he brings a unique global perspective to his stunning multi-media presentations. Known for his remarkable ability to capture and hold rapt attention Richard delivers compelling, high-content value with a fast-paced combination of stories, humor and photographic images that elicit marvelous insights, immediate change and results fast. For over 3 decades, Richard studied with the world's wisest sustainable business, environmental thought-leaders of our time. He believes each person has an enormous untapped reservoir of potential that he or she can access to achieve more, be more, have more and ultimately give more in just a few short years than the average person does in an entire lifetime. Every year he lives his dream by helping thousands throughout the world live theirs through his “From Success to Significance” Seminars. The readers of his best-selling 15 books learn a series of proven techniques and strategies that can be used immediately to get extraordinary results in their lives and careers fast! His seminars and personal coaching have freed thousands of people from their limiting beliefs allowing them to reclaim their destiny, live their life purpose creating lives of true abundance, contribution and fulfillment. As a result, Richard Carswell has helped over a million people create the lifestyle they truly desire by living their life purpose with the ease and grace they deserve. Richard Carswell’s purpose is to raise people’s consciousness to the highest level possible in the shortest amount of time. His mission is to create a world aware of the urgency of our time by developing seminars and conferences that raise awareness facilitating the Great Shift.

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SECRETS of Creating An Amazing Life - Richard Carswell


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"Let the beauty you love be what you do.

There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth."

"Every thought, action, decision or feeling creates an eddy in the interlocking, interbalancing, ever-moving energy fields of life, leaving a permanent record for all of time. This realization can be intimidating when it first dawns on us, but it becomes a springboard for rapid evolution."

David R. Hawkins


This special book is dedicated to all those who truly love to live a free and amazing life & who have taken risks to achieve their own dreams, and in finding victory, have inspired others to do the same… I honor and salute you!

Richard Carswell

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 Are False Beliefs Sabotaging Your Potential?

Chapter 2 Quantum Physics: Is My Reality Really All That Real?

Chapter 3 What Is the Art of Allowing?

Chapter 4 Make the Law of Attraction Work For You Instead of Against You

Chapter 5 The Creative Thought Process

Chapter 6 How the Collective Consciousness of the Planet Can Effect You!

Chapter 7 The Emotional Guidance System

Chapter 8 Changing Your Emotions

Chapter 9 Your Higher-Self: Your Eternal Nature

Chapter 10 The New Biology: When Spirit & Science Meet

Chapter 11 Heart Set vs. Mind Set

Chapter 12 How to Identify Your True Heart’s Passion

Chapter 13 Creative Magnetic Energy & the Law of Creative Mass

Chapter 14 How to Communicate With Your Higher-Self

Chapter 15 Time Is an Illusion

Chapter 16 Are You Resisting Your Success?

Chapter 17 Eliminate Self-Sabotaging Behavior

Chapter 18 Trust in the Process of Life

Chapter 19 10 Ways to Attract Money

Chapter 20 Thought is 200x More Powerful Than Action


The Emotional Guidance System

Map of Consciousness

Recommended Reading

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A Letter from Deepak Chopra

Ten Steps to Peace Consciousness

Seven Practices for Peacemakers


"A miracle is commonly considered to be an event without law, or beyond law. But all events in our precisely adjusted universe are lawfully wrought and lawfully explicable. The so-called miraculous powers of a great master are a natural accompaniment to his exact understanding of subtle laws that operate in the inner cosmos of consciousness."

Paramahansa Yogananda

(1912 -1952)

Everything in this book that I will share with you is the result of distilling the best of what works form every major religion, philosophy, and psychology system as well as a few master teachers with a high-level of human consciousness that I have had the privilege of knowing. It is also based on my personal work over the past decade as a personal-development/transformational speaker and seminar leader. This is truly a road map, a how to curriculum for creating an amazing life however you may define that. Unfortunately this type of information is not taught in our schools or universities. Here is a warning: Some of the truths I will share with you will make you feel uncomfortable. This is ok since it is designed to force you beyond your comfort zone. To take full advantage of this book you will have to do some serious thinking about the direction of your life. This book is more than a mere motivational course about goal-setting, positive thinking and success. This book is a much higher level of advanced teaching opening a new doorway for you to walk through, one that inevitably connects the visible to the invisible, connecting what you don’t know to what you don’t know. Some of the things you read about in this book you may have difficulty understanding or comprehending. That’s ok since your Sub-Conscious Mind is assimilating everything and as one of my great teachers Dr. David Hawkins (1918 - ) who wrote the ground-breaking classic POWER VS. FORCE states Any truth which calibrates at 500 or above is worth listening to regardless of its origin. Don’t worry I will explain the level of calibrations later in the body of this book. You will understand at a deeper level but your Conscious Mind usually won’t accept it. This happens with everybody. As you read along, all the pieces of this marvelous Law of Attraction will come together for you like the pieces of a daunting jigsaw puzzle. The material in this book often contains many layers of understanding just like the proverbial onion. Just when you peel off one layer of understanding and grasp its reality so then another appears and on and on and such is life. Stewart Wilde author of Beyond Enlightenment describes this as the infinite enfoldment of enlightenment. What you come to understand today will reveal an even deeper hidden truth and an application of that truth tomorrow. As you progress and apply the techniques and processes in this book your internalization of the concepts will begin to accelerate.

In this book I will speak to you in a language you’ll understand and be able to instantly translate into action in creating your own unique and amazing life the way you choose to. This book offers you a blueprint for understanding and utilizing the greatest law in the Universe, The Law of Attraction. By participating and implementing specific strategies as outlined for you; you will be creating the life of your destiny that is encoded in your DNA.

This book is not just a book filled with good ideas. This book is filled with techniques, strategies and useful tools that are based on Universal Truth. They have been proven to be of great value by thousands of people despite race, religious belief, color or country or origin. This book is intended to be a practical guide that you can immediately put into practice in order to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t want, in order for you to be of greater value to yourself and others.

If you find yourself reading this, rest assured that you are of the elite. In a perfect universe there are no accidents… how could there be? You are ready to implement the success strategies outlined herein. In the pages of this book I wish not to teach you anything but simply to remind you of what you already know… deep in your soul. You are in for an amazing discover of who you really are… and not only that but also of your purpose and mission in this life.

What if someone was to inform that all of your beliefs about your life and this world and of reality are merely a series of individual thoughts and conversations you’ve had with yourself. What if someone told you that thus far throughout your life as you continue to think these thoughts they continue to appear truer as time goes by? And what if someone was to whisper to you that your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about all of this was largely influenced by outside sources like well-meaning parents, relatives, school teachers and people who you admire and respect who came before you? And what if you were told that the summation of your life experiences to this point in your life in essence are the result of your dominate thoughts? What if you were informed that those thoughts that you focus your attention on long enough and intensely enough and with enough emotion that yes indeed that they become true for you and manifest into the reality you call your life? Well, the Universe is telling you that very truth right now while you ponder these words.

This book shows you that you are capable of great things, that you truly hold within the power to live a truly amazing life and gives you the tools to achieve it. Allow the simple, poetic and yet significantly profound words of James Allen resound a deep YES to spring forth from your inner-Being.

From As a Man Thinketh

By James Allen (1864 – 1912)

Mind is the master power that molds and makes,

and we are Mind, and evermore we take

The tool of thought, and shaping what we will,

brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills.

We think in secret, and it comes to pass

Life is but our looking glass.

King Solomon wrote over 25,000 years ago As you think in your heart so are you and this brief aphorism embraces the whole of the personal development movement. It embraces the essence from all the great motivational/self-help classics of the last century. Allen goes on to say As we think in our hearts so are we. We are literally what we think… the sum total of our thoughts.

You are the exception. You are of the elite. There is greatness in you. Why else would you be reading this book? As Einstein once observed, Nothing happens until something moves. You will learn how to access Divine guidance from your Higher-Self or Super-Conscious Mind or Soul or Inner-Self or the still small voice from within. It has been called by many things but this is not important. The important thing is for you to acknowledge it, recognize it and benefit from it in the form of the right people, right circumstances, situations and resources necessary to magically and oftentimes miraculously attract into your life your desired outcome and goal.

Warning! Stop chasing and start implementing. You must apply and assimilate what you have learned. Words seldom teach. That is why in my LAW of ATTRACTION / FIREWALK – WEEKEND SEMINAR we actively implement and utilize over thirty different techniques, games and processes that cause transformation and breakthrough. Often people who don’t know otherwise, talk about my seminars as lectures. No, no, no! No way. They are not lectures. That would be highly ineffective. Nothing could be further than the truth. That would be boring. You don’t need more information. The average person is drowning in too much information, overwhelmed by information-overload. My seminars are experiential. When you change the way you look at things, the way things that you look at will change. Each chapter is packed with insights that can transform your life, however in order to be successful and cause the necessary shifts in your thinking that is required to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be, do, or have you must implement. You must apply what you learn. The key to success with any program, seminar, strategy or technique is implantation. Unfortunately very few people are masters of implementation. Most people never stick to anything long enough to get results. It’s just like the little motivational video I saw the other day on the internet entitled Most People Talk the Talk but Don’t Walk the Walk. And that is very true about most people; they are constantly chasing a new strategy, seminar or technique thinking that this will eventually, finally give them the magic bullet they think will turn it all on for them. But in the final analysis these people miss the boat. They end up with a substantial data-base of knowledge miles long but paper thin. You must take action, do the exercises, and follow through. I promise you that if you follow through then the relatively small amount of time you invest and minuscule amount of money you paid for this book will be the best investment that you have ever made.

Consider this: It probably took you a few decades or perhaps several to get to where you are at this point in your life. Your very best thinking got you to this point. So if you are not where you want to be you are going to have to make some changes. I won’t promise you instant miracles or instant results if all you do is read this book. However if you do the necessary work I promise the right insights and the right strategies will come into your awareness that will take you to the next level and eventually to where you want to go.

Mankind has been conditioned to believe that life is struggle, that a normal life filled with struggle is just reality. Let me start off by asking you a couple of significant questions. How do we get what we get in life? Why do some people seem to achieve their goals and desires with little effort while others continue to suffer and struggle working very hard with very little success. Most people’s lives are just one long series of struggles, stress and worries. As Henry David Thoreau said Most people live quiet lives of desperation. What about your life? I bet there is a long list of things that you want but never get or worse yet are of the belief that you have no chance of getting. And I bet that there is an even longer list of things that you don’t want and yet you seem to get them on a consistent basis. Why is this so? Most people think that struggle is just reality… the reality of life, but reality is nothing more than our version of what we believe to be true. Let’s face it most people have no idea how they get what they get in their lives. They are like billiard balls careening around a billiard table, total accidents looking for a place to happen, a lucky break perhaps… living their lives in total mayhem, no plan or focus, random hits and I dare say misses. Some of us just blame fate or chance and say well that is just the way life is, but this is attitude is not for you.

Now I am going to predict your future with 100% accuracy and I have never even met you! How can I do that? I know things about you… something that will allow me to predict your future with an uncanny accuracy. And here is what I know… If you keep thinking what you have been thinking, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. Most people never get this. Most people like I have said have no idea how they get what they get. The vast majority of the masses believe that life just happens to them and that they have no control over what happens to them. They fall into the blame–game/victim consciousness and blame God, circumstances, relationships, the economy, the government, parents, teachers, the system and everyone and anyone for what is happening in their lives. Rarely occurs to them that they are the only ones responsible for creating these experiences. It’s a trap most people fall into. I did for about the first 30 years of my life. The reason for this is because most people can’t see the connection between their thoughts and the events that happen in their lives. Most people feel that their thoughts seem disconnected so it appears as though things and events just happen randomly or by chance. But this is never the case as you shall soon see.

In the following pages I will explain how your thoughts radiate out and become things in your life. Your thoughts vibrate out and attract back to you the right people, the right circumstances, the exact resources necessary that are in direct harmony with your goals and desired outcomes. You will learn that everything that happens to us is happening because of us either consciously by design or unconsciously by default. Here lies the key to creating the life of your dreams. Much has been written and discussed as to how are thoughts control our lives. Intellectually most people would accept this idea. But if you look at most people’s lives under the light of close scrutiny it is easy to see that that they really don’t get it and that includes most self-help junkies who have gone to all the seminars, who have listened to all the motivational programs and who have read all the books. And that includes me. In the pages that follow you will receive dazzling insights into how your emotions… your emotionalized thoughts in act the Law of Attraction and oftentimes will repel the very thing or condition that you desire.

Everyone who is reading this book probably knows that in order to change our lives we must change our lives. This is not a new idea. Every self-help book or success-strategy uses this concept as the basis of change.

When I was a young kid growing up in Canada this was demonstrated cleverly in one of the episodes of the original Star Trek Hollywood TV series which was a major hit series which has a cult following to this very day. In this particular episode called Shore Leave the spaceship Enterprise traveled far beyond this galaxy to a planet where every thought becomes instantly a reality. The crew is faced with the challenge of controlling their thoughts so that they can focus on making the long trip home through outer space to their own galaxy. In this Star Trek episode each of the crew has the unique experience with their thoughts instantly manifesting as their reality. McCoy the Scottish guy thinks about this huge white rabbit and it appears right in front of him. Sulu the Japanese guy sees an ancient Samurai who ends up chasing him. Kirk the handsome American captain sees a former lover and gets very emotionally involved in the relationship. After experiencing the joys and sorrows of these events it finally dawns on the crew thanks to Spock of course (he is genetically endowed with the genetics and DNA of pure logic and no emotion, a kind of hybrid human) that they are on a planet that reads their thoughts and instantly creates what they think about and the only way for them to change their reality was to change their thoughts. Now this is exactly how all our realities are created here on planet earth. What you hold onto with your thoughts with emotional energy and focus will eventually come to manifest as your reality. Now sometimes it takes a little longer than other times to see the fruits of these thoughts but nevertheless whatever we give our dominate attention to will eventually become our reality. Fortunately were not like the crew of the Enterprise where everything you thought felt or said suddenly and immediately appeared in front of you. Sure it would be nice to materialize a million dollars on your kitchen table in 20 seconds flat but each time you had a thought or fear or worry about anything a 2 meter tall monster would be leaning up against your refrigerator trying to eat your dinner. One of my favorite Indian saints who I love dearly Paramahansa Yogananda (1907–1952) whose consciousness incidentally was over 700 had mastered his thinking to such an extent that he once proclaimed I shall not dare think of something for most assuredly it shall appear.

Fortunately we come into this 3-dimensional reality with a special blessing of protection that allows us to have thoughts and feelings that don’t instantly materialize in front of our eyes. So the fact that (for most of us) we can’t materialize whatever

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