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The Rain Imp

The Rain Imp

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The Rain Imp

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Aug 21, 2012


Ryan’s cruel step-family make him patch their roof one stormy night but what he finds up there will change his life forever. It is Gabriel, a magical rain imp, who fell from the clouds after being tricked by the deranged Nimbus, Lord of the Rain Imps. After relentless summer rains, can Ryan help Gabriel back to his home in the clouds to put things right before the Earth suffers disastrous floods?

This is a timeless, fun tale about friendship and overcoming adversity. However, while written for ages 7-11, the idea of magical creatures living in the clouds harvesting rain vines by jumping up and down on clouds – like children jumping on their beds – is sure to appeal to children of all ages. You will never look at clouds or rain the same way again!

Aug 21, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

I have been writing children's stories since I was a child myself (over 25 years ago!) After several years concentrating on screenwriting, I've once again got the bug for telling children's tales – some of which would ironically make great short animated films. I would describe these as traditional children's stories, with love and friendship winning out over cruelty and dishonesty. We sadly live in a world where the latter seem inescapable at times. However, I truly believe that traditional stories with such beautiful values can make a difference and remind children of the important things in life. I grew up influenced by stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which were magical but also showed the value of honesty and selflessness. In my own small way, I hope I am able to do the same in my work.

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The Rain Imp - David Thornhill

The Rain Imp

By David Thornhill

Copyright David Thornhill 2010

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Chapter 1

It had been the wettest summer on record. And it was raining again. The heavy raindrops of a thunderstorm hammered down on the dark spires and rooftops of Roxburgh village, as the night sky beyond glowed from jagged forks of lightning.

It was a small, old-fashioned village which sat like a castle atop a big hill, looking out over fields as far as the eye could see. A road, lit by tall, amber lamps, snaked down from the village and cut a path through the fields towards distant towns and cities. Just beside the road, at the bottom of the hill, were two small cottages. They seemed to almost huddle together as the rain battered them from all angles. A light glowed from the downstairs window of one of the cottages. And inside, a young boy was in trouble.

Ryan always got the blame when things went wrong, so when he saw rain pouring through a hole in the kitchen ceiling, he knew he’d get told off. His step-sisters said they’d seen him up on the low kitchen roof, ‘playing stupid pirate games with his imaginary friends’. Ryan didn’t have real friends to play with, his sisters saw to that.

Ryan was small, even for a 10-year-old boy, but somehow still big enough to always be in his older step-sisters’ way. Dolores was 20 and Dorothy 18, and the two girls were spoilt rotten by their doting mother – at Ryan’s expense. She always took their side too. It was Ryan’s fault when passing traffic woke them from their (much-needed) beauty sleep; it was even somehow his fault when Dorothy put a hole in her stockings with her crooked, smelly toe-nails. And it was Ryan’s fault that Dad had gone to work in Africa.

Ryan protested about the hole in the ceiling. He hadn’t done it – he’d never been up on the roof. Anyway, why would anyone climb on a roof to play a pirate game?

He reminded them that Dolores’s boyfriend had been paid to fix the roof only a week before, but they wouldn’t listen. Instead, Dolores waited till the thunder had passed and pushed Ryan out into the rain, with a bucket, hammer and some nails.

"I’ll teach

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