God Does Play Dice with the Universe

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God Does Play Dice with the Universe

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Science has made a mighty advance since it originated in ancient Greece more than 2500 years ago. Yet we still live in Plato's cave today; we think everything around us moves continuously, but continuous motion is a mere shadow of the real motion. This book will lead you to the exit of the cave along a logical and comprehensible path. After passing Zeno's arrow, Newton's inertia, Einstein's light, and Schrödinger's cat, you will reach the real quantum world, where every thing in the universe, whether it is an atom or a ball or even a star, ceaselessly jumps in a random and discontinuous way. In a famous metaphor, God does play dice with the universe. The new idea of this book may finally solve the quantum puzzle and lead to a profound shift in our world view.

Book & Thoughts Reviews:

I enjoyed reading it.
---- Tommaso Dorigo, experimental particle physicist and blogger, University of Padova, Italy

Its very existence is at any rate, an excellent illustration of the extent to which physical data force us to depart from commonsense ideas when we try to depict reality “as it really is”.
---- Bernard d'Espagnat, theoretical physicist, philosopher of science, Templeton Prize 2009 Laureate

Your book and thoughts are worth reading.
---- Fred Alan Wolf, quantum physicist, National Book Award winning author of Taking the Quantum Leap: The New Physics for Nonscientists

The idea of using discontinuous motion as a realist interpretation of quantum mechanics is original.
---- Reviewer of Foundations of Physics

I fully agree with your idea of discontinuous movement.
---- Antoine Suarez, quantum physicist, Center for Quantum Philosophy, Zurich

If it goes through, this would be an original and significant contribution to the debate over the nature of motion.
---- Reviewer of American Philosophical Quarterly

It is a wonderful illumination of the discrete/continuum problem... Everyone should enjoy your concise writing style and, more so, the poetic repeats of what God does or does not do with dice.
---- Joseph Mazur, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Marlboro College, PEN Award winning author of Euclid in the Rainforest: Discovering Universal Truth in Mathematics

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