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Why Working-Out is Dangerous

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Why Working-Out is Dangerous

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It seems that the most 'fit' generation in the history of the US also has the highest incident of bone and joint injuries, pains and ailments in the history of the US.

Is it possible that 'Working-Out' is dangerous to the health of your joints?

'Working Out' in our culture is based on the belief that effort creates progress, so that more effort is expected to yield more progress.

As we all know, it is possible to get in better shape by forcing the body to greater ability through effort and pain. The unfortunate aspects of this way of exercising include the enormous amount of wear-and-tear on the body, and the joints in particular. The long-term effects of injured and destroyed joints can make life miserable.

There is another way of getting in shape without suffering from these undesirable side effects. It is a way of getting in shape without 'working out'. It is a way of getting more fit without effort (though not without exercise). The basic concepts are presented in this book.

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