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How Marijuana Cures Cancer

How Marijuana Cures Cancer

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How Marijuana Cures Cancer

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May 8, 2012


How Marijuana Cures Cancer examines the root cause of the dreaded disease and clearly explains how it is dysfunction in the main balancing system which is The Cannabinoid System. Habitual and continuous restriction in the Pattern of The Breath is the cause of the imbalance. Specific problems in respiration are 1) unique to each person; 2)life-long yet hardly realized as of prime significance to health; 3)mostly invisible; 4)nearly impossible to alter by will or pill. Nevertheless, the immediate Marijuana Effect is full, deep, regular and effortless breathing from which cascades dissolution of all signs of the Cancer Biopathy.
How Marijuana Cures Cancer is divided into Four Sections that can be read independently. Part I is a general, holistic, scientific yet simple explanation of exactly what Cancer is and how the benefits of Marijuana Therapy return the organism to health. Section II translates the science of The Cannabinoid System of the Human body for the lay audience and documents its amazing kinship with marijuana molecules. Section III is a compilation of scientific studies that proves the compounds from marijuana or their synthetic copies, without a doubt, stop the progression of cancer at various observable cellular stages, all of which are documented. Section IV examines the Pharmaceutical Industry goal of Research and Development to replicate the healing benefits from marijuana compounds (over 400) in an artificially developed one directional drug for profit and explains why the effort has failed despite billions of dollars in research.

May 8, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Joan Bello was born in New York City in 1942. She has worked as a teacher and a counselor. Her interests include marijuana research, marijuana growing and marijuana informing. For the past forty years, she has been an activist and advocate for marijuana reform. Her son was cured of epilepsy with the use of marijuana many years ago. He was but a child and no one at that time was aware of the benefits of marijuana. Nevertheless, following her deep seated inspired knowledge that marijuana was beneficial for epilepsy, and in conjunction with yoga and homeopathic remedies as directed by a full-fledged Swami, Bello's son was cured. Ever since then, she has maintained her allegiance to the plant and continues to research and publicize its vast and hidden benefits. Joan Bello has a Master's Degree in Eastern Studies and Psychology, clinical experience as a Substance Abuse Counselor and over forty years of close association with marijuana. As Director of the Class Action for Therapeutic Cannabis, she personally interviewed over 500 plaintiff patients. At present she is finishing her latest book, How Marijuana Cures Cancer and is working on a major work: The Yoga of Marijuana.

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How Marijuana Cures Cancer - Joan Bello



Joan Bello, M.S.




Copyright © 2012 by Joan Bello

Your support and respect for the property of this author is appreciated. This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only, not to be re-sold or given away.

This book is available in print at most online retailers.

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The Benefits of Marijuana

Introduction to The Yoga of Marijuana


POB 61




References, Terms, Definitions, Disclaimers

Author Preface


The Hidden Knowledge

The Cancer Mystery

Failed Understanding

PART I Holistic Health * Breath* Marijuana

Holistic Understanding

The Vibrational Effect

Marijuana Therapy Feared

Breathing Energizes Organism

Marijuana Effect Resettles Organism

Limited Breath

Destiny of the Pattern of The Breath

Subtle Differences in Breathing Habits

The Definition of To Breathe

The Routine of The Breath

The Marijuana Breath

Chemical Imbalance/Irregular Breathing

Marijuana Therapy: Intuitive Remedy

Marijuana is Not a Guarantee

Presenting Symptom vs. Root Cause

Link Between Body and Mind

Constant of Breath Pattern

Accompaniments To Healthy Breath:

Disease / Imbalance/Cause/Prevalence:

Common Breathing Dysfunction

Disturbed Breathing/Specific Diseases

Cancer is Oxygen Depletion:

Cancer Evolves from Restricted Breath

Holistic Explanation of Cancer

Survival is The Goal

Personality of Cancer: (Type C)

Psychologically Speaking

When Immune System Compromised

Loss of Balance in All Human Endeavors

PART II The Cannabinoid System

Compatibility with Marijuana

What Science Has Documented

Marijuana Compounds (Cannabinoids)

Discovery of The Cannabinoids

The CB1 Receptor

Brilliant Cannabinoid System

Myriad Functions of Cannabinoids

The Cannabinoid System-Disease/Dysfunction

Restoration of Cannabinoid System

Side Note

Retrograde Operation of the Message

Body/Mind Interface

Integrative Healing by Marijuana

Marijuana Restarts The System

The Marijuana Benefit

The Marijuana Remedy

Simply Stated

The Balance of Marijuana

In a Few Words

Of Interest



Intro to Part III

Balancing of Marijuana Therapy

Theoretical Balancing of Marijuana Therapy

Practical Balancing of Marijuana Therapy

General Balancing of Marijuana Therapy

Choosing Marijuana: Healthy Choice

Prevention is Best

Extracted/Synthetic Cannabinoids

Cellular Benefits of Marijuana Therapy

Non-Proliferation #1

Apoptosis #2

Extracted THC Decreases Tumor

Tumors Shrink with THC #3

Spontaneous Regression

Metastasis #4

Anti-Inflammatory #5

Lung Cancer Findings #6

Marijuana Diminished Tumor 50%

Marijuana Opposite to Nicotine

Marijuana Facilitates Breathing

Review: Anti-Cancer of Marijuana

Anti-Cancer of Marijuana Continued

Anti-Angiogenesis #7

Speaking of Skin Cancer

Marijuana is a Life-Saver

Blood Velocity #8

The Immune System #9

Stress #10

An Imaginary Scenario

Consciousness by Marijuana Therapy

The Quiet Mind is Healing

Marijuana Affects Thinking

Feeling Low Preferred by Dominant Culture


Hypothetical Subtle Benefits of Marijuana

Protectiveness of Cannabinoids

Additional Information

PART IV Intro To The Research

What is Cancer Research Looking For?

Cancer Research is a Failure

The Cure Must be Patentable

Problem with the Marijuana Cure

The Cannabis Doubletalk

LIE of What’s Wrong with the Intact Plant

Studies with Marijuana Buried

Head and Neck Cancer Study

Government Against The People

The Holistic Effect of Marijuana

Interesting Notes of Irony

Afraid of the High

Afraid of The Paperwork

Why Not Combine Cannabinoids

Why Not Use the Whole Plant?

Run From the Cure (Rick Simpson

Interview: Al Byrne

Humans are Marijuana Producers

Opinions and Facts


Tragic Definition of Safe Medicine

Concluding Remarks

Contact Me at ASKJOAN

Excerpt from The Benefits of Marijuana


Marijuana Therapy restarts intricate bio-chemical cellular anti-cancerous interactions that are automatic, sequential and simultaneous in the healthy organism and which have become degraded by system failure. Homeostatic control of these complex processes is mediated through The Cannabinoid System, a pervasive network of chemicals and receptors throughout the body that operates in an understated, anticipatory fashion in the arena of challenge to the organism from both within and without for the explicit purpose of dynamic balance.

Science has determined that The Cannabinoid System itself becomes deficient in its regulatory function which allows for the expression of cancer. Stringent research over the last decade has proven that cannabinoids of the Cannabis Sativa Plant are efficient and safe restorative agents for the dysregulated Cannabinoid System. To exploit the potential curative actions of these phyto-chemicals in service of the profit motive, billions of dollars in research and development are spent each year as Big Pharma synthesizes one after the other of the over 80 known exogenous cannabinoids, attempting to simulate the efficacy of the intact plant and its synergistic permutations of nearly 500 compounds.

This presentation addresses long-term deficiency in The Breath as the originating cause of Cannabinoid System failure and particularizes the philosophy of Holistic Science as it relates to the Cancer Biopathy and its prevention and/or its dissolution by Marijuana Therapy. The observable, intricate details of the cellular benefits of marijuana as the natural outgrowth of sufficiency in the pattern of the breath, which sets the stage for a higher order of health and awareness are explained for the lay audience with the specific purpose of exposing the truth. In reference to the unique botanical aspects of Cannabis Sativa, it is hypothesized that the superior tolerance of cannabinoids to radiant UV-B rays may be integral to its unparalleled healing ability.

References, Terms, Definitions, Disclaimers:

The Benefits of Marijuana by Joan Bello documents many references in this work.

Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base

by Institute of Medicine (IOM): (1999) is referenced.

Biopathy Defined: What is Cancer? Traditional medical science views cancer as an invasion/tumor arising spontaneously in an otherwise healthy organism. In contrast, Wilhelm Reich defined cancer as a systemic deficiency that progresses to putrefaction of the body due to chronic suffocation of the cancerous tissue.

Marijuana/Cannabis/Cannabis Sativa: refers to intact fruit of the plant in contrast to extraction of molecules or synthetic versions of molecules.

Marijuana - historically coined as a derogatory/racist word. As such it is used purposefully to raise it from its political belittlement to the exaltation it deserves.

Marijuana Therapy: Employment of Cannabis Sativa to restore the dysregulation of The Cannabinoid System.

Disclaimer: Some cancers are suffocation of the organism via intolerable environmental damage that even the healthiest organism could not overcome. This presentation, however, speaks to those exposed to the same unhealthy milieu, some of whom succumb owing to an individual state of diminished being while others are able to ward off the commonplace hazards.

NB: Health in the Pattern of The Breath defines an organism with adequate mobility, appropriate nutrition, resting and thinking, since full, deep, smooth and silent breathing is not expressed in a nutritionally deficient, sedentary, unwholesome or anxious mode of being.

Author Preface

This very long article or very short book was envisioned originally as a quick work that would explain very simply how the compounds of the Cannabis Sativa Plant Cure Cancer. The evidence has actually been around for quite some time although a satisfactory explanation of how the interface of Marijuana with the human body could actually cure cancer was not forthcoming. Indeed, scientific proof was mostly hidden for the past thirty years and hardly reported to anyone but a small group of interested scientists and activists.

As I tried to integrate what hundreds of studies were showing in isolated but stunningly complementary research that were proving beyond doubt very definite and specific curative properties of the compounds of Cannabis for all types of cancers, the short explanation took on a life of its own. In addition, it was necessary to make clear that there is far more to how Marijuana impacts and heals the whole person than what is seen in the test tube.

From the perspective of Holistic Science, disease is understood as an energetic imbalance on a continuum of wellness which is not in any way limited to what is visible under the microscope. In order for the lay audience to appreciate the profound healing potential within the ancient Cannabis Sativa, the holistic orientation as it views the physical, psychological and spiritual interface has been included.

While I gathered all the relevant benefits of Marijuana for the cancer patient, the article just kept growing. However, in the service of the world of text messaging and sound bytes, every subject is indexed so that anyone who chooses not to read the entire book will be able to locate specific topics of interest. This work was however conceived and written as a whole piece with the intention of sharing with the reader the full extent of the way Marijuana enhances all levels of human experience.

The presentation on the following pages is set out in Four Parts, any of which can be read on its own. There is some intentional over-lapping in explanations, facts and ideas, reframed however from another perspective to emphasize their importance as well as to adhere to the plan that the book can be read in separate but intelligible pieces. Whatever scientific terms are included hopefully are clear enough so that, with just a bit of focus, the non-professional will be able to appreciate how Marijuana allows for healing from the Cancer Biopathy.

Finally, I would like to address the research being conducted by a group of young, progressive and brilliant scientists who are attracted to the unique, versatile and timeless healing compounds of this ancient plant. Many of their studies prove that cancer is just one of many very serious conditions that Marijuana affects safely and with amazingly positive results. To them may I say: thank you! As you continue on with further research, it is my absolute firm intuitive knowledge that whatever physical, mental or even spiritual distress investigated with Cannabis as the remedy, will demonstrate benefits beyond anything so far envisioned, even by me. (2011)

Cancer is the Ultimate Imbalance.

Cancer is Anti-Life.

Cancer Cells Cannot Cooperate.

Cancer Inflames.

Cancer Destroys.


The Hidden Knowledge:

Within the scientific community, there is no doubt that the chemical compounds in Marijuana cure cancer. Anti-cancer effects of Marijuana have been reported in dribs and drabs over the course of the last half century in international Medical Journals that are inaccessible to the public. Breast, Prostate, Brain and even Lung cancers have all responded positively to Marijuana Therapy. In fact, the latest, most stringent science suggests that the unique compounds of Cannabis Sativa (phyto-cannabinoids) can and often do prevent cancer. Nevertheless, among the less-informed majority, there is great confusion.

Misinformation about Cannabis is everywhere. The actual facts are almost nowhere. This presentation seeks to disabuse the general community of its misperceptions and fears concerning the basic effect of Marijuana as well as to elucidate the curative benefit of the ancient plant specific to cancer (especially warranted to dispel the propaganda that suggests the contrary). (The agenda responsible for purposefully distorting and hiding the truth about Marijuana for the last 75 years will not be addressed, except to acknowledge its source as the persistent periodic resurfacing down through the ages of unconscious misanthropes whose self-serving actions had/have dire consequences for all the creatures of the earth.)

The Cancer Mystery:

Cancer is the most feared word a doctor can utter. It conjures up the image of long-term pain and suffering, bad luck, and even guilt. Although there are many carcinogens in modern life, the estimate that 40% of cancer is preventable through changes in life-style causes many victims to blame

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