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A Leftwingnut Comment

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The subjects I have covered all attribute "tribe-like" subdivision of our political society and range from an anthropological-DNA view of our species' current behavior, to college commencement rants, thoughtful views on the origins of, and return to, cooperative survival strategies characterized by focus on each tribes dominance strategy to the detriment of competing tribes.
The sense of the collection is that our species is devolving into an earlier survival mode without regard for the welfare of individuals in and out of each tribe, but most especially the deliberate suppression of all groups and individuals not selected for inclusion in the dominant tribe.
Exaggeration, maybe, but perhaps with a frightening modicum of truth.
The election season of 2014-2016 may provide ample evidence of a real degeneration of Homo sapiens into a more primitive state. I fervently hope to be proven otherwise.

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