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Guaranteed muscle part 3 Arms

Guaranteed muscle part 3 Arms

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Guaranteed muscle part 3 Arms

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Mar 10, 2012


After years of weight lifting and strength training I became sick of constantly being asked the same questions about building muscles. That is exactly why I wrote the guaranteed muscle guide.
Part 3 of the guide is a complete guide to the basics and science behind muscular development of the arm muscles.
Written for the average man in the street it examines the science of muscular growth. Techniques are detailed in a fun manner which will enlighten even advanced body builders and gym users.
At last a book which explains the science behind building muscles and how to get the best results for years to come. Packed with arm exercises fully pictured and explained.
Getting bigger arms takes hard work but you also need specialist knowledge, this book provides that.

Mar 10, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Richard Baker is a former United States Navy officer and a well-known game designer and the author of several novels. He is a lifelong devotee of science fiction and fantasy, a history enthusiast (particularly military history), and an avid fan of games of all kinds. Rich received his commission in the US Navy and served three years as a deck officer on USS Tortuga (LSD-46), earning his Surface Warfare Officer qualification. In 1991 he left active duty to begin a twenty-five year career as a professional game designer, first with TSR, Inc., and then with Wizards of the Coast. Some of Rich’s more notable game design credits include the Alternity Science Fiction Roleplaying Game, the award-winning Axis & Allies Miniatures Game, and the Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures Game—the best-selling naval wargame of all time. Rich began his writing career by working in the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting, which dovetailed with his day job as a game designer. In 2011, Rich left Wizards of the Coast. He founded his own small-press game publishing company, Sasquatch Game Studio, in 2013. With Sasquatch, Rich created the savage world of Primeval Thule, a sword-and-sorcery game setting, and Ultimate Scheme, a game for evil geniuses. He also began working seriously on his own original fiction, seeking to combine his military experience with his love of history and science fiction—an effort that led to the creation of Sikander North and the novel Valiant Dust. A native of the Jersey shore, Rich has resided in western Washington State since 1997. He married his college sweetheart, Kim Rohrbach, in 1991; they have two daughters, Alex and Hannah.

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Guaranteed muscle part 3 Arms - Richard Baker



The one thing most new body builders want and aim for is huge arms. The arm muscles are like any other part of the body in that they take just as long to grow as muscles elsewhere. So when you read books which promise to give you huge arms in a month, or that promise arms like a monster in 60 days I can tell you they are not being honest. Genetics diet and rest all come into play as well as good sessions of resistance training when you want to grow the arms. There is no super-secret way to get huge arms other than hard resistance training with good form for a long period of time. Hopefully if you have studied part 1 of the guaranteed muscle guide you will know there are no short cuts to getting muscle. Of course there are techniques to get them to grow and keep them growing as I have already covered in part 1 of the guaranteed muscle guide books.

The arm muscles break down to the following main movers, the biceps, triceps and forearm. There are more but to keep things simple and basic we will stick to describing the function of these three for now. The one muscle that most people know is the bicep muscle. You can’t open a men’s health or exercise magazine without seeing an article on how to get huge biceps. Although 95 percent of these articles are a load of garbage it shows how popular biceps are. In fact ask a bodybuilder to flex their muscles and sure enough they will hit what is called the double biceps pose. They raise both arms up and tense the biceps to show their size. Before we move onto describing the roles of the main arm muscles I want to say right now, there is no secret exercise that will guarantee arms like a mutant in a month. Human muscles do not grow that fast! Please try to remember when you look at the arms of top bodybuilders they have been working out for at least 10 years, also remember that most have taken extremely expensive and powerful substances to help increase protein synthesis (muscle growth speed). So the next time you see an article promising to pack on an inch in a week you should put the magazine back down and go buy a magazine that might actually tell the truth. That’s the bad news out of the way, but the good news is that if you follow my guaranteed muscle part 1 basics guide and this books exercises you will add muscle, further you will keep doing that consistently over and over until you have large muscular arms. It just takes longer than you might think having seen silly articles like ‘add 2 inches in 2 weeks’. You would find it hard to add 2 inches of fat in 2 weeks let alone muscle in that time!

Chapter 1: The main arm muscles

The biceps

The following picture shows the location of the biceps, although I would suggest almost all people already know of their location as it is such a popular muscle.

The biceps and the chest are what define the huge and classic physiques of the best body builders. You will tend to see most males in the gym doing biceps over and over, desperate to get huge walnut cracking biceps. The job of the bicep muscles is to primarily bring the forearm (the lower arm) towards the humerus (the upper arm bone); this movement is in bodybuilding terms what is known as a classic arm curl. The biceps also help raise the arm and other movements but the primary role is as I describe. The biceps actually have 2 heads to them, a fact that most people don’t realize, the heads attach to the bones in slightly different places. One head attaches slightly higher up the arm bone to help this muscles assist in movements involving the motions associated with the front deltoid such as raising the upper arm upwards. Although bending the arm upwards sounds like the simplest movement in the world there are a vast range of exercises you can do to work the biceps. What is the point of having all these iterations of a simple movement? Well you should know from reading part 1 of the guide that you must rotate and use these variations in order to continually keep hypertrophy (muscle growth) output at high levels. As well as this you should already know that there is no ‘best’ biceps exercise, they all work slightly differently in order to grow the arms. One tip I will give you right now that most people always miss is that you must use full range of motion when doing biceps exercises. If you fail to do this you will have relatively speaking weak muscles at the very top and bottom range of motion when bending the arm. On top of this you will get what I call golf ball muscles. When you tense up your biceps what you ideally want is a thick slab of muscle from the shoulder right to the elbow, if you use sloppy range of motion which almost all people do you end up with silly looking golf balls sized lumps right in the middle of the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow. This comes from pulsing weights up that are way too heavy, also you never quite straighten the arms and also never quite reach the top without lifting the elbows up. If you are lifting your elbows up when doing a simple arm curl you are using too much weight, drop the weight. Try to remember you want long thick muscles, you are not a weight lifter, you are a body builder, and those are 2 separate tasks. A weight lifter will use whatever means are available to lift a weight, speed, leverage, mechanical advantage, inertia and all manner of tricks. A body builder needs to do the exact opposite, lower the weight and stress the muscle through its entire range of motion. Slow controlled and under tension at all times.


The triceps muscle is placed on the opposite side of the arm from the biceps and consists of 3 heads. The following picture shows the location on the underside of the upper arm bone.

Because of its opposite position to the biceps its task is the opposite of the biceps; it straightens the arm rather than bringing it towards the shoulder. And in the same way the biceps help raise the arm the triceps do the opposite and come into play to lower the arm. Also worth noting at this point is the over enthusiastic training done on the biceps in order to get thick arms, I see this happen all the time. The biceps do indeed add to thickness to the overall diameter of the arm but what most people don’t tell the budding young bodybuilder is that you can pack on serious arm width by ensuring you make progress with the triceps. By working the triceps you can increase the size of the arms to a much greater amount than by simply doing endless arm curls day after day. Look at the huge triceps muscles of the top pro body builders and you will see what I am referring to. Although remember I am not claiming to have some ultra-secret way to get inhumanly big arms. Only time and hard training grow arms but most people totally neglect the triceps, I like to do a session in the gym just targeting the triceps. Bear in mind though I have been weight training for some time, so I can split my sessions to be that specific. New starters don’t need to train with such granularity, simply stick to whole body sessions. Then after about 6 months progress to split sessions and even then make triceps part of your ‘arm session’. The key to working the arms is to balance the biceps and triceps, in other words don’t spend all day doing nothing but biceps curls, when doing a double bicep pose your arms should have large sloping triceps under the arm to help give thickness from the armpit to the elbow. Some people will have a shorter triceps and are told not to bother training the triceps. I disagree and say that unless you are a top level elite body builder then the length of your muscles set by genetics is less of an importance. Remember you can get thick long muscles and make the best of what you have by ensuring training whilst using full range of motion. I have touched on this matter when discussing the biceps so ensure you use slow form with full controlled range of motion.

In the following picture you can see a more detailed look at the heads which comprise the triceps.

Note that the position of the medial head appears low, however understand that the medial head actually starts lower down and away from the body then as it reaches the top position it is actually underneath the long and lateral heads.

Although the triceps have three distinct heads I feel the average gym user need not go into extreme detail on the different heads and their jobs in order to work and understand the triceps. To

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