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The Dao of Diabetes: eReader Version

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The Dao of Diabetes: eReader Version

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Feeling stressed? Anxious? Waves of tension? Worried? Are you sick or hurting? Feeling defeated? Amputated? Desperate? Lost? You can fix your problems step by step from the material here. Start now for immediate benefits. Grow them as you walk into the program. The greater your engagement into the program the greater your benefits. Others have so you can.
This program aims you at:
Avoiding Dialogue at the knife's edge
Nuking type II diabetes. It's also very useful for type I and a whole range of circulation disorders - hypertension, arterioscherosis, heart disease and so on. Variants of it have been successfully used by people with a huge range of other problems. It works. It even reduces cholesterol at least as effectively as taking drugs.
Enriched understanding how-to take care of yourself, both by yourself, and as part of the larger world. A holistic solution.
Creating your own custom program, tailored to your mind, body, spirit, and community situation. You're starting that process right now. Keep going.
Forming a buoyant community, beyond a support group, to help you.
Please read it fast and lightly – skim it. Mindmap it as you go. Maybe use the opportunity to learn to read fast. Then re-read it again to enlarge your understanding. That's right we're giving you a basket of benefits - repatterning as you learn to fly.
This program is Daoist by simply highlighting and following natural patterns. It doesn't explain or explore Taoism as such. If you want to do that you might google for “tao” or “dao” or the “tao te ching.” Some people might look at the book “The Tao of Physics” to explore the links between Daoism and how our world works. More dedicated patterners might google on “A Pattern Language” by Christopher Alexander, or “software patterns”, or “The Structure of Pattern Languages” by Nikos Salingaros, or perhaps follow the patterns in Edward de Bono's book “Water Logic”. It's all communications. Our cultures are patterned communications. Even our facial/body languages reflect our various cultures.

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