The Last Show on Earth; The Resurrection of Thomas Edison

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The Last Show on Earth; The Resurrection of Thomas Edison

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Earth has been void of men, women, and children for over 3 millennia. Flora and fauna once again continue on their evolutionary trek without interference. Erosion, volcanic upheaval, rain, wind and storms go unabated. Separated from man, the planet has returned to covering shades of green, brown, and blue with clean air and pristine oceans.

Each night eight beacons flare on and shoot pulsating streams of cold light upward through the atmosphere and into space. Paris; Washington, D.C.; Peking; Sidney; Cairo; Moscow; and Lima are sites of the alien icons, obscene monuments to the religion of the vanquishers.

Alien supplicants visit the shrines dedicated to the histories and memories of the race they destroyed. Humans were an interesting race, almost obscene with their intense emotions and constant disregard for authority. But now they are safely sealed in The Book, the dioramas of historical enactments that serve as part of the sacraments of the universe of the conquerors. Or are they?

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