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Would Dowry Make Me a Slave in Marriage

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Would Dowry Make Me a Slave in Marriage

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This little book is an exercise bestowed by nature on me to unveil the corns and thistles in our present day marriage life. We are not unawares that our ancestors of the medieval age got the best out of marriage, as we can envisioned from the Holy Scriptures. The best of which had been denied us.
Dowry is a good term when heard of but what it thus stands for had been misconstrued by implementers of it. At a glance, the subject might scare the eye but freedom is its course and that freedom is needed by our preyed daughters who are subjects of the term.
God gave our daughters reproductive organs not for sale, but for increase and multiplication on the earth (population of the earth), men had taken and preyed on it to their demented advantages and profitability leaving a legacy that had for centuries plunged our beautiful damsels into social, traditional, psychological slavery.
Though this may not go down well with the benefactors of this trade, and will not be at ease. When old bones are mentioned in proverbs old women are never in comfort because things are about falling apart.

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