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Emotio believes in You

Emotio believes in You

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Emotio believes in You

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Sep 24, 2011


This is a great book for children suffering from cancer or any other serious illness. It introduces the power of thought and emotions and how getting more in contact with self esteem and believing in yourself can support the healing process. The author has been working with people and children for over thirty years specialising in the psychological causes of illness and the healing power of feelings. The book is illustrated and contains mental exercises for relaxation, pain relief and affirmations. A book not only for children but adults as well.

Sep 24, 2011

Informazioni sull'autore

Ray Wilkins grew up in Australia. He has lived and worked in England, Germany, Switzerland, India, Austria. He now lives in Belgium where he runs the People and Art Factory together with his partner Cordula Ehms. He is a wellknown Coach, Trainer, professional artist and songwriter. Other books he has written are"The girl with nine toes", "The body reader" that will be released in November 2011 and his epic novel "Japara" in January 2012.

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Emotio believes in You - Ray Wilkins


Chapter 1

Max was very, very scared.

He was lying alone in bed with his eyes wide open. He could hear the soft humming of the gadgets controlling his drip and the other scary noises in the night.

He reached out to turn out the night light.

Max felt alone.





And angry, because his parents had once again forgotten to bring him new batteries for his Game Boy. After a while he felt so tired he just closed his eyes and fell asleep.







Chapter 2

Where am I? Max said looking frantically from left to right after realising he was no longer lying in his bed at St Christopher’s Hospital for children, but instead standing alone on a long, red, dusty road that seemed to be floating in space in the middle of nowhere. The air smelled like wet, burned-out matches and all he could see was a thick yellow fog filling the world. All of a sudden he heard a soft humming noise, much like the noise that bees make when flying around on hot summer days and, there beside him, materialised a small, purple, odd-looking creature with a large bump on his forehead, deep blue eyes, what looked like antennae on his head and a rather funny, lopsided smile.

Hold your head up high! Max thought he heard him say, although he was not quite sure if he was speaking English or some kind of foreign language. My name is Emotio, he said in a somewhat wavy but warm voice. I come from Tryfatt and I am here to help you He touched Max’s arm. His hand felt like warmed-up jelly beans and his eyes blinked. I am here to help you cross the bridge of Mood that leads into the land of Epoh. This journey will change your life, but you have tons of things to do before you get there. Are you ready or would you rather go back to that smelly hospital and play with your Game Boy?

Because he had no more batteries for his Game Boy anyway Max hesitantly replied, Ye...yes, please.

Emotio said, The very first thing you have to do is to learn how to fight against being afraid! Every time you feel fear your body loses energy. You need this energy at the end of your quest to cross the bridge, remember, remember. Fear is just a thought inside your head and normally it has absolutely nothing to do with the reality. Fear is a mere four letter word: F=Falling, E=Energy, A=Alters, R=Reality. So if you can think FEAR then you can also think NOFEAR. Close your eyes and go back into your short past to find a time in your life when you felt strong and fearless.

Max closed his eyes and imagined the time when he was walking through the Bush near where he lived in Canberra. It was a night hike and he could hear the other boys complaining about the dark and making rude jokes, trying to cover up being frightened, but for some reason Max felt safe, strong and fearless.

And now put your right hand on your chest and let that NOFEAR feeling that you now feel get even stronger, Emotio said. And at the same time think of something that really frightens you!

Max tried to think of something that he was really afraid of, but everything he thought of, like having injections, monsters, chemotherapy or whatever just felt like cotton wool, no meaning at all. He tested himself by taking his hand away from his chest for a moment. He noticed that the NOFEAR feeling became weaker. When he put his hand back again it once again became stronger – he was very impressed with his new friend. Then he heard a funny noise, something like the sound a computer sometimes makes, except it came out backwards. It sounded like gggggnilpp! and in a split second he was back in his bed, in the kids’ ward of St Christopher’s where he could remember every single thing that had happened in the dream – and the sun was shining brightly through the windows.



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