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Journal for a Spiritual Warrior: Guidance for a Striving Seeker

Journal for a Spiritual Warrior: Guidance for a Striving Seeker

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Journal for a Spiritual Warrior: Guidance for a Striving Seeker

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Oct 17, 2010


A powerful tool for daily self-evaluation of one's progress on the yoga path, with 33 questions plus commentary, to measure one's attainment. "This diary served me as a living document throughout my journey as a seeker. It was my constant companion in my solitary march to the goal. By sincerely following this and noting my failures, I found the secret path to success in yoga." -Swami Sri Atmananda

Oct 17, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

Swami Sri Atmananda is the founder of the Satyachetana International Spiritual Movement. Born in Orissa, India, his inner pull toward spirituality began during childhood and intensified as he progressed through higher education and university. The Bhagavad Gita was his constant companion and guide, and through intense contemplation and practice of Gita’s principles he achieved profound spiritual attainment. He also served at the feet of many enlightened masters, perhaps most notably His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and traveled the length and breadth of India on his spiritual quest.That journey culminated in Pondicherry, where he surrendered to the Divine Mother. She guided him to a cave in the holy mountain Arunachala where he attained the culmination of his sadhana, in 1993. After remaining in the state of pure nirvikalpa samadhi for several days, he regained his awareness and returned to the world carrying the aham brahmosmi (“I am the Brahman”) unity consciousness that enables the yogi to consciously carry the guru shakti.Sri Atmananda’s spiritual work as a master began in 1993. In response to his call for the manifestation of Truth on earth, several non-profit organizations were formed: Divine Mission, established in 1996, serves to guide awakened seekers to the state of highest spiritual realization, while Satyachetana International (SCI), founded in 2001, supports the overall expansion of the Movement and aims to manifest through life the highest truth that has been realized at the individual level. University of Spiritual Research (USR) was founded in 2004 to support and provide spiritual education.Sri Atmananda’s primary residence is Satyachetana Ashram at the foot of Arunachala in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India, and he travels the globe to show mankind the yoga path of the Bhagavad Gita and to revive the pure wisdom that was lost over time.

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Journal for a Spiritual Warrior - Swami Sri Atmananda

OM Namo Bhagavate

Journal for a Spiritual Warrior

Guidance for a Striving Seeker

By Swami Sri Atmananda

Founder of Satyachetana Spiritual Movement

Published at Smashwords

By Satyachetana Publications

Practicing the yoga of business, not the business of yoga.

Copyright 2010 Swami Sri Atmananda

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~ ~ ~

Whenever the light of natural law fades away

and there is an ascendancy of darkness,

during those periods I create Myself.

For the protection of the virtuous,

to destroy evil and to reestablish dharma,

I come again and again.


~ ~ ~


Publisher’s Note

Daily Questions, with Commentary:

1. Regulating Sleep

2. True Rest

3. Breathing in Harmony

4. Reaching Delight

5. The Guna Cycle

6. Self-Discipline

7. Balance

8. Dreams

9. Nature of the Subconscious

10. Mastering Dreams

11. Punctuality

12. Sincerity

13. Meditation

14. Mind Control

15. Entering the Transcendental

16. Consistent Effort

17. Systematic Eating

18. Yogic Food

19. Ordained Duties

20. Charity

21. Physical Austerity

22. Mental Austerity

23. Verbal Austerity

24. Study of Scripture

25. Perseverance

26. Repeated Consistent Effort

27. More Meditation

28. Today’s Primary Guna

29. Candor

30. Self-Assessment

31. Sleep Only as Much as Necessary

32. Beware of Tamasic Happiness

33. Maintaining and Sustaining the System

Publisher’s Note

The uniqueness of this journal lies in its experiential validation by one who began the journey as an earnest seeker and realized his oneness with the Supreme. There have been countless requests from seekers around the globe to make available the journal entries that were used by Swami Sri Atmananda. In response, Satyachetana Publications decided to publish this journal to enable a striving seeker to keep track of his progress.

The commentary was revealed by Swamiji to explain why each question was included in Journal for a Spiritual Warrior, and how seekers can use them to evaluate their progress in the journey of the Yoga of Bhagavad Gita.

May many aspirant souls find this journal useful in their day-to-day sadhana.

~ ~ ~

I felt so much joy while reading this. This reminded me of my 30 years of struggle, determination, frustration and joy. I am so glad, finally it is going to the striving yogis.

23 July 2010

Swami Sri Atmananda

Swami Sri Atmananda

~ ~ ~

Journal for a Spiritual Warrior

Regulating Sleep

Question 1

What time did you wake up in the morning?

This may appear to be a very simple question

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