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Online Sales 101: Learn how to start a profitable small business with this easy guide

Online Sales 101: Learn how to start a profitable small business with this easy guide

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Online Sales 101: Learn how to start a profitable small business with this easy guide

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Oct 6, 2010


Whether you're new to online sales or already a pro, this book has useful tips anyone needs to sell online. The author shares his personal experience gleaned from eight years building a successful internet business. This simple business plan only costs as much as you feel like investing. Written in plain language, this book is more than just theory, it’s a practical approach to online sales.

Oct 6, 2010

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Online Sales 101 - Jeremy Jordan

Online Sales 101

Learn How to Start a Profitable Small Business with This Easy Guide

By Jeremy Jordan, M.B.A

Copyright© 2009

All Rights Reserved

ISBN 978-0-578-02253-6

Smashwords Edition



Chapter 1. HOW do you sell online?

Chapter 2. WHAT should you sell online?

Chapter 3. HOW do you buy inventory for

the best price?

Chapter 4. WHERE do you sell it?

Chapter 5. HOW do you attract customers?

Chapter 6. WHY is customer service so important? Chapter 7. HOW do you give high quality

customer service?



Dear Reader,

Have you ever wanted to start your own online business? It seems that many people are successfully earning a full time income while working in the comfort of their own homes. How do they do it? What’s their secret?

I have been selling products online since 2001 when eBay was starting to become huge. It started as a hobby, then a part-time job during grad school. In 2005, after completing my M.B.A. degree, it became my sole source of income. Things really took off once I started selling on Amazon. In 2006, my online business grossed approximately $250,000 in sales. Over the last three years my business grossed over a half million in sales. This has provided me the opportunity to work from home doing something I enjoy, and still have time to live life.

So what’s the secret? I would say the main ingredient to my success is experience—learning through trial and error, perseverance, resourcefulness, education, and of course, some luck along the way. You could also say timing was important. What a great era we live in where we have the opportunity to earn a living from home through the power of the Internet.

This book is not like most hyped Get Rich Quick business plans that are available online. It’s also not the same outdated list of distributors whose phone numbers are disconnected. I am not promising wealth or instant success. All I’m selling is my knowledge and experience which I had to learn the long and hard way. I am providing the necessary steps to start an online business without much money or prior experience. Most of my focus is centered around successfully selling products on Amazon and eBay. You are receiving the facts and theory that I believe are necessary for starting your own business. Whether you want to sell only as a hobby or as a small business is entirely up to you.

By purchasing this book, you are gaining a wealth of valuable information

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