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Killed on the Rocks

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Killed on the Rocks

Valutazione: 2 stelle su 52/5 (4 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 260 pagine4 ore


At a snowed-in retreat, a corporate takeover turns deadly
A remote mansion, a blizzard, and lack of phone service: It’s an opportunity a killer can’t pass up. Matt Cobb, the in-house troubleshooter for a television conglomerate, is summoned to an executive meeting at the Adirondack home of billionaire G. B. Dost. Dost plans to acquire the TV network, and the shareholders are anxious about the rich man’s intentions. One of the bigwigs might even prefer murder to a takeover.  Sure enough, the morning before negotiations would start, Dost is discovered dead outside his lodge—surrounded by forty feet of smooth, unbroken snow—and Cobb is faced with the task of interrogating guests. And matters are only complicated by Dost’s psychic wife, his off-kilter son, and a haunting message somehow relayed on a television found to be unplugged.
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