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Their Eyes Were Watching God: A Novel

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Their Eyes Were Watching God: A Novel

Valutazione: 4 stelle su 54/5 (1922 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 268 pagine5 ore

Nota dell'editore

A stunner...
This powerful, beloved classic has earned a passionate following (as well as intense reactions for its sexuality). An anthropologist, Hurston beautifully illuminates dialect in a moving tale rooted in the people and histories of the South.


Janie Crawford, an attractive, independent middle-aged black woman sets off on her own, which was no simple feat for a black woman in the 1930s. She ends up on a quest for her own identity, which takes her through situations, and places, that she never imagined herself in.

Upon returning to her home in Eatonville, Florida, she finds that her long absence spurs gossip, and many people speculate on what happened to her young husband, Tea Cake.

Mistaking her confidence for aloofness, many of the town’s people are hostile toward Janie until her friend, Pheoby Watson, sticks up for her.

When Pheoby visits Janie to find out what happened, where she was, and why she was gone for so long, they engage in a series of long conversations. It is through these conversations that the story is framed, and we finally get to learn where, who, and what Janie did while traveling.
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