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Consciouslness and Aging In The New Millenium

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In this fascinating transcribed excerpt from Consciousness, Aging and the New Millenium, Ram Dass -- beloved teacher and author of the seminal work Be Here Now -- explains to workshop attendees how absolutely any experience, even driving a car, can be used to expand awareness and awaken spiritually.

Now, what I’m talking about is taking something for which you have certain cultural stereotypic responses to. About golf, for example. Now you may… I’m not saying its negative or anything. You just have them. You have some. You know the way the culture views golf. Then I’m showing you the way I’m taking that experience and I’m using it in a certain way in my consciousness to transform my consciousness. In other words, I’m using my life experiences as vehicles through which I can awaken spiritually into other levels of awareness.

Recorded in 1996 in New Jersey.

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