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Unleashed: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Extreme Wealth Edition

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Look around any city and you will find millionaires and poverty all calling the same part of the world home. Despite the popular mantra, wealth has nothing to do with location, gender, race or family background. For if it were true that your zip code dictated whether you became wealthy or not, getting rich would simply be a matter of moving home.

The truth is there is a careful balance of wealth and scarcity in the world. The bad news is 80% of people (the passengers of life) will always live with not quite enough. While the remaining 20% (the drivers) will have an abundance of wealth and everything good that comes with it.

The good news is joining the 20% has nothing to do with luck. Extreme wealth and abundance are created by carefully, diligently and passionately following a recipe. The beauty of recipes is, you always get the same outcome. If you follow the recipe for a chocolate cake guess what you always get?

Passengers are too busy blaming to see the real reason for their scarcity. Drivers are acutely aware that wealth is not something given or taken away by other people it is a resource generated from within. If you want to discover how to become rich then you have to start with your beliefs and internal programming.

Unleashed: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind — Extreme Wealth Edition will reveal the mindset and habits of the worlds most successful and wealthiest individuals.

You will learn:

How to overcome fear and follow your dreams. Why you should be paying yourself first. How to find your true calling in life and live with passion. Getting rich by doing what you love. Using the digital revolution to accelerate wealth creation. How to escape the rat race and be your own boss And much more

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