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Badass Women Give the Best Advice: Everything You Need to Know About Love and Life
Badass Women Give the Best Advice: Everything You Need to Know About Love and Life
Badass Women Give the Best Advice: Everything You Need to Know About Love and Life
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Badass Women Give the Best Advice: Everything You Need to Know About Love and Life

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Everything you need to know about love, life, relationships, sex, men, and being a badass.

Advice from girl bosses of all kinds: Women are, far and away, the oral sex. Women’s studies scholar Becca Anderson has gathered the wisdom from a chorus of fabulous femmes for this one-of-a-kind advice audiobook. From housewives to Hollywood starlets, from stand-up comedians to start-up entrepreneurs, these badass women offer unvarnished and unabashed opinions and share their frank and forthright thinking on the wild world of relationships.

A sassy collection of woman wisdom: This delightfully dishy gathering of gal pals is like having a heart-to-heart with 200 of your closest friends. Garrulous girls and loquacious ladies from every walk of life unleash their wicked wit in this humorous and enlightening compilation and tell it like it is. Topics include: what the world needs now; love hurts; lost love; and are men really necessary?

Learn and laugh at the real stories of the amazing women you love: true tales about wild women of yore that entertain as much as they enlighten. From Anais Nin, Lily Tomlin, Amy Bloom, Dorothy Allison, Drew Barrymore, Chrissy Teigan, and beyond, there's no shortage of sass, sarcasm, or sizzle and a few shocks along the way!

In Badass Women Give the Best Advice, listeners will find:

  • Wisdom about sex, dating, breakups, weddings, the prerequisites for the perfect kiss, and more!
  • Quotes and true stories from famous women and girl bosses
  • Quizzes, love, and sex bucket lists, and topics like “Size Really Does Matter” and “Cry Me a River: The Weepiest Romantic Movies Ever” that will spice up your sex and love life

Be enlightened with these no-nonsense takes on dating, love life, sex, self-love, and more!

Data di uscita17 lug 2018

Becca Anderson

Becca Anderson comes from a long line of teachers and preachers from Ohio and Kentucky. The teacher side of her family led her to become a woman's studies scholar and to her career writing about awesome women. A multiple-time bestselling author, Becca Anderson is known for many things, including her books Badass Affirmations and The Book of Awesome Women, her Your Blessings blog and Every Day Thankful Facebook page, as well as her many appearances on both national and bay area tv and radio shows such as ABC, NBC, and NPR. She credits her spiritual practice and daily prayer with helping her recover from cancer. An avid collector of affirmations, meditations, prayers and blessings, she helps run a “Gratitude and Grace Circle ''that meets monthly at homes, churches and bookstores in the San Francisco Bay Area where she currently resides. Becca Anderson shares prayers and affirmations, inspirational writings and suggested acts of kindness at https://thedailyinspoblog.wordpress.com

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