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A Cottage in Cornwall & A Manor in Cornwall

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A Cottage in Cornwall: Spring is in the air in Cornwall. Julianne's next event is a favour to her employer: coordinating the wedding of Lady Amanda's friend and mentor. But Julianne is distracted by personal matters. Her long-distance romance is on the rocks, and when Matthew returns to Cornwall, he brings news. Can she help Lady Amanda to pull off the perfect surprise wedding? And will Julianne and Matthew have their happily ever after?

A Manor in Cornwall: Thanks to a Cornish singing sensation's upcoming concert at Cliffs House and Julianne's promise to plan the perfect wedding for her friend Pippa, she hasn't a moment to spare for Matthew. But she's determined to find a way, without letting down Ceffylgwyn or disappointing Pippa on her big day. But with a starstruck crew of volunteers, a persistent American event planner and an ill-chosen assistant, Julianne has her hands full.

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