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Eye of the Storm

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Former allies in the IRA, Sean Dillon and Martin Brosnan have chosen different paths. Now Dillon is a terrorist for hire, a master of disguise employed by Saddam Hussein. Brosnan is the one man who knows Dillon's strengths and weaknesses…and brilliant mastery of espionage. Once friends, now enemies, they are playing the deadliest game of their careers. A game that culminates in a frightening - and true - event: Iraq's attempted mortar attack on the British war cabinet at 10 Downing Street in February 1991…

Blending fact and fiction, Eye of the Storm is pure excitement. Jack Higgins at his best.

"Will leave readers happily breathless…his most enjoyable book in years." - Kirkus Reviews

"A heart-stopping cat-and-mouse game…spectacular and surprising." - Abilene Reporter News

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