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Consumed by the Dragon: Recipes for Transformation

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Consumed by the Dragon: Recipes for Transformation

Scritto da Ahnalira Koan

Narrato da Ahnalira Koan

Valutazione: 2 stelle su 52/5 (1 recensione)
Lunghezza: 7 ore


Ahnalira Koan explores how to live a life committed to personal awakening while undergoing profound personal transformation in Consumed by the Dragon. In a new spiritual adventure, Koan brings readers with her, making five dramatic trips to Abadiania, Brazil, to open herself to the practices of João de Deus (- John of God - at Casa de Dom Inacio,) and undergoing a total of ten spiritual surgeries.

Koan analyzes the intricacies of truth, uncertainty and revelation necessary for transformation and rebirth. Her determined, conscious effort to evolve her life "optimized" an experience she generously shares on a very personal level. Warm and witty as always, Koan describes what she experienced in a way that helps her readers navigate their own spiritual paths.

Curious, open-minded seekers will find Koan's Consumed by the Dragon fascinating in its ferocious determination and commitment to honesty. Informed by triumph over human tragedy and spiritual cleansing and awakening, Koan's evocatively personal guide demonstrates the value of applying conscious intention toward making purposeful life changes.

The audio book includes a bonus meditation from the collection, Meditations for a New Paradigm, by Ahnalira Koan.

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