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Scritto da S. G. Redling

Narrato da Tanya Eby

Valutazione: 3.5 stelle su 53.5/5 (91 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 10 ore


Seven years ago, a chemical spill brought the U.S. Army to rural Penn County, Iowa, where soldiers established a long-term, medically maintained quarantine. Officially, it's called the PennCo Containment Area. But to the people trapped inside, their bodies tainted with chemicals that give off a sweet smell, it's known simply as Flowertown.

The quarantine was supposed to save their lives, but many of the survivors have grown suspicious of the government's real motives. But not Ellie Cauley-her rage long ago burned down to hard, cynical pessimism. When a series of deadly events forces Ellie out of her apathy, she must prepare to face an enemy powerful enough to unleash her greatest nightmare.

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