2 Notice how parts of you interact

family therapy and focuses on the relationships individual parts have with each other. To understand ourselves, it is not enough to delve into one part in isolation. Parts bicker about the best way to serve us. They collude and gang up on each other. As I thought back to the job interview, I could see my lying part, however misguided, had been well-intentioned as it raced to the aid

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Coaching Could Change The Trajectory Of Your Life
After 25 years at the forefront of coaching and coach training in the UK, I remain  fascinated by the psychology of human experience and behaviour. As pioneers of coaching to the highest standards, our focus is to inspire personal growth and make the
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I loved your feature ‘Dive into sheer bliss’ (Spring). Diving isn’t just an exciting way enjoy ocean sea , it’s good for body and mind. It induces mindful breathing, and the rhythm of one’s breath stabilises negative feelings and calms the nervous sy
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Permission Granted
AFTER YEARS OF DREAMING about country life, I’ve taken the leap, moving from a big city to a small village. It’s so exciting, but it took me a long time to make the decision. Stepping into the unknown isn’t always easy for introverts. Perhaps you’re