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Total Guitar


Editor: Chris Bird

Group Art Director: Graham Dalzell

Senior Music Editor: Jason Sidwell

Production Editor: Stan Bull

Zoe Maughan, Natalie Beilby

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Total Guitar1 min letti
At A Glance
TYPE: Orchestral Model electro acoustic TOP: Solid blackwood BACK AND SIDES: Solid blackwood SCALE LENGTH: 25.3” / 643mm NECK: Mahogany FINGERBOARD: Ovangkol HARDWARE: Water buffalo bone nut and saddle, die-cast tuners with black knobs ELECTRO
Total Guitar1 min letti
True Single Coil
P RS use many different ways of switching their pickups from full humbucking mode to single coil. Typically, the split wire from the junction of the two coils is grounded leaving just one coil active. That’s the way most people do it. PRS usually pla
Total Guitar8 min letti
“Blues Is About Passion And Emotion, And Gary Moore Had That In Spades”
If you play high-gain, uptempo blues these days, chances are the late, great Gary Moore is one of your go-to guys. That’s certainly true of Kris Barras, a leading name among the modern generation of blues rock guitarists. “Gary loved traditional blue