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THIS odd little creature has been called “the slug that eats the sun” or the “solar-powered slug”. That’s because the eastern emerald eelysia, scientific name Elysia chlorotsica, is a slug that’s not only green and shaped like a leaf, but just li----ke a plant, it also converts the sun’s energy into nutrients to stay alive.


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Can You Believe It?
Scientists have found endangered polar bears breeding with grizzly bears, forming a new hybrid or cross-breed called pizzly bears. Polar bears usually live in the icy Arctic region. Due to global warming, polar bears’ habitat has been melting at a fa
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Poison Dart Frog
AN ANIMAL’S size isn’t necessarily an indication of how dangerous it is. After all, poison dart frogs are minute, yet some of these frogs are among the most toxic creatures on Earth. They come in virtually all imaginable colour combinations; however
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Theo’s Little Angel
IS little girl is fast asleep in the nursery upstairs while kwaito music plays softly in the lounge. He may be one of South Africa’s most well-known musicians but at home he plays second fiddle to the latest addition to his household. Theo Kgosinkwe,