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‘I offered to do some live workouts on Instagram TV and it all snowballed from there’
Find out more at meetyouatthebarre.com or @meet_you_at_the_barre

‘I started running barre classes in a tiny studio we’d built in the garden!’

Jennie Brown’s barre classes in her garden studio have gone international since the pandemic hit

‘I qualified as a PT after the birth of my first child 12 years ago and quickly focused on pre- and postnatal fitness. As my life has progressed, so has my interest in women’s health. While doing a course about the menopause, I learned how low-impact exercise, such as barre, could be kinder on the joints. Although I’d had no experience of

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Mind Over Matter
How you prepare for a fitness challenge doesn’t just involve physical training but mental training too, especially when it comes to endurance events. While meeting your goals may mean building muscle or increasing your VO2 max, you’ll also need to se
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Fit Buzz
Are you looking forward to active days out this spring and summer? Then you’ll need to be suitably prepared for our unpredictable British weather! Thankfully, the new Kimberly Walsh x Regatta collection (£25-£100, regatta.com) will have you covered.
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‘How I Build My Body’
‘I train between 20-30 hours a week and most of that is done on the bike outside. I don’t follow a strict training plan. Instead, I listen to my body to avoid burnout. That said, I work out seven days a week but Mondays and Fridays tend to be easier,