3 Alternative Asset Strategies to Diversify Your Retirement Portfolio

As you move toward retirement, the investments you’ve relied on to build a retirement savings portfolio may not be the best fit when it comes to generating retirement income.

If you’re like most near-retirees, you’ve worked hard to save through your company 401(k) plan, IRAs or Roth IRA accounts. Most company-sponsored retirement plans offer a mix of mutual funds made up of stocks and bonds. Some of the more growth-oriented funds likely have more stocks, while the more income-oriented funds likely have more bonds. Those options were solid while you were in the accumulation phase.

For many years, the conventional wisdom in retirement planning focused on a simple balanced stock-and-bond portfolio that slowly evolved over time toward more bonds and fewer stocks. The rationale behind such a recommendation was that this kind of portfolio created less volatility, the potential for growth and

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