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HERE ARE TWO important concepts to take away from this paper. The first: scientists are huge dorks. The second: one of the biggest causes of fear and anxiety is uncertainty. Our brains, little monkey prediction engines, hate it. They behave strangely around it,

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Mucho Easier
To be a high-flyer, you need to learn how to get slammed without being hurt – and also to look as though you’re in pain when you’re not. This is how to wrestle through your first session Almost everyone Bobby trained with wore them. You’ll be jumping
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Ab Blast
Hang from a pull-up bar, shoulder blades and abs tight. Without swinging, contract your abs, pulling your knees to your elbows. Pause, then lower. That’s 1 rep; do 10. With your palms holding a cable at the back of your head, tighten your abs and cur
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Bust Out The Chops!
One 220-gram pork chop has a hefty 44 grams of protein for 1510 kilojoules and 19 grams of fat. Like a beef rib eye steak, good pork chops cook up juicy and tender, and they’re deeply flavourful BUY IT There are a few different kinds of pork chops at