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• Reptiles have hard, keratinised skin, so they don’t shed DNA like other animals do. If a

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Cosmos Magazine1 min lettiBiology
Animal Magnetism Is Very Real
A study by Richard Harris and Bryan Fry of the University of Queensland has found that snakes may have evolved to resist their own venom by “repelling” the venom’s molecules. While all snake venom contains toxins, only some are neurotoxins. “A nerve
Cosmos Magazine1 min lettiBiology
Form And Function
The “train tracks” shown are lipid membranes. The top layer represents the target cell membrane, and the bottom layer represents the virus with spike in pre-fusion form, at A. Because SARS-CoV-2 has a lipid membrane, it requires a protein spike to fu
Cosmos Magazine2 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
De Smedt’s Starter Specs
The water used for a starter should be chlorine-free. Use tap water but let it stand for 12 hours, or filter it. White flour, wholegrain, rye, stoneground, spelt… The type of flour doesn’t matter all that much. Be mindful that it isn’t a ready -made