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Dealing with DIFFICULTY

Whether it’s a short story inspired by a holiday or an article sharing our DIY tips, many of us draw on personal experience in our writing. At some point, most of us will have been through something difficult in our lives. Perhaps you’ve experienced a distressing illness, lost a loved one, or faced challenges like divorce or redundancy. You may prefer not to write about these, and that’s absolutely fine. Maybe writing is your sanctuary from hard times, and you would rather separate your life from your work.

But for some, difficult experiences provide inspiration. So how do we go about using these in a way that’s sensitive, relevant, and powerful?

Make the most of it

When coming up with ideas for stories, articles, poems, or other writing influenced by your life, it’s useful to consider what you want your reader to come away with. Will they be inspired by your experience, find advice relevant to their own situation, or gain insight

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Big Yourself Up
There is a host of writing lore: ‘this must be right’ statements that writers are advised to follow. Some are doubtless true. For instance, I swear by ‘always do one more check than you think is needed’, but here let me investigate one that may have