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łodzimierz Lechnio, a Polish archivist, recently found a curious folder in a warehouse of secret files in Warsaw dating back to the Cold War. In 1964, a British diplomat arrived in the Polish capital, then vanished, evading the minders detailed to shadow him. He was next seen snooping around a military base along the border with the USSR. The suspected agent was inconspicuous and undistinguished in appearance and behaviour, making him an ideal intelligence operative, save for one

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Won’t Get Fooled Again? Common Sources Of Radar Ufos
During the 1930s British scientists discovered that when radio waves from a transmitter struck targets such as aircraft, ships and buildings they bounced back and could be detected by a receiver. The Air Ministry quickly began to develop a functionin
Fortean Times12 min lettiMathematics
Leibniz And The Flying Monk
I have always enjoyed the alternative time-line genre of ‘What if?’. Factual and fictional speculation on such crucial issues as ‘what if’ Kennedy had lived beyond 1963? What if Socrates died at the Battle of Potidaea in 432 BC? What if Charlemagne h
Fortean Times3 min letti
13. Bordeverry, The Master Marksman
Gaston Bordeverry was a young Frenchman, born in Pau, at the edge of the Pyrenees, sometime in the 1870s. He trained as an interpreter and moved to Bordeaux at an early age, setting up business as a wine merchant, albeit without much success. He was