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Cool Recipes for FROZEN FOODS

This soup is tasty and nourishing thanks to lentils, which cook relatively quickly compared to other dried beans. Experiment with the seasonings here, adding more curry powder if you like, or something spicy, such as cayenne, if that’s your thing.

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At the top of each recipe, you’ll find a key code. Here’s how to read it: ❚ HANDS-ON TIME: 30 MINUTES ❚ TOTAL TIME: 1 HOUR ❚ MAKES: 6 SERVINGS This is how long it takes to work on the recipe, including gathering your kitchen gear and preparing the fo
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Grow Your Own Herbs
Paper-towel tubes Scissors TapeWide, shallow container Spoon Potting or seed-starting soilHerb seedsWooden craft sticksPermanent markerPlastic wrapWater 1. Cut each paper-towel tube into 4 pieces. On each piece, cut 4 evenly spaced slits around one e
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Rebecca Robinson is a librarian at the Troy Public Library in New York. Written by B. G. Ford, Illustrated by Tom Cooke Join beloved Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie on a trip to the supermarket! Follow them as they go through all the steps of