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Your LIFE!
My husband, Barry, was so excited with his win. The prize is sure to keep him interested in doing the puzzles. Heather Walker, Nar Nar Goon North, Vic On the stairway to the beach from Observatory Point in Esperance, WA. I didn’t walk all the w
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Worst Flooding
The 2021 Eastern Australian floods affected NSW and Queensland. The Mid-North Coast of NSW, including towns such as Taree, endured some of the worst flooding in the state, when it was hit by a 454mm deluge from Thursday to Sunday. SES volunteers atte
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Spot the difference: PET IN A PUZZLE!
If you look at the two pictures, we’ve made a change to the second picture. When you have found the change, write the number of the quadrant in which the change occurs on the puzzle entry coupon on page 44 for your chance to win. ■