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Know your ONIONS
Oh, Emma, you do sound bad, love.’ ‘I’ll live.’ Jill’s daughter, sitting at the kitchen table, sniffed bravely. ‘Nothing a bowl of your famous onion soup won’t cure.’ ‘You’ve got a lot of faith in its magical properties! These summer colds can be nas
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We were sitting outside the Tresco Abbey cafe, drinking coffee, when a red squirrel jumped up onto our table and examined us closely. Then, deciding there was nothing to see of interest, Squirrel Nutkin bounced off. Not only did this impromptu appear
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“ Here is a question for any big sisters who happen to be reading: Is there anybody in the known universe more plainspoken and tactless than a little sister? My own little sister, Deb, phoned recently, mainly to complain about her two cats. ‘They ke