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Viewpoint John Gilbey

Mirror, or catadioptric, lenses are one of the orphan technologies of the photographic world – an anarchic branch of optical evolution which flowered briefly then all but disappeared. Technically elegant, they became almost irrelevant in a world where low-dispersion glasses and compact zoom lenses left them with few practical advantages.

I’ve used several, but until recently didn’t feel

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Amateur Photographer3 min letti
Lenny Kravitz
Most of my portrait shoots have taken place either in or around the subject’s home or in a studio. Being sent to an exotic location for editorial work is very rare. But that’s what happened when I was commissioned to photograph the rock star and acto
Amateur Photographer1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Kit List
This tracker is reasonably compact and is supplied with its own polar scope. However, the Move Shoot Move rotator is even more compact and is all that’s required for wide-field astrolandscape photography. This can be purchased with the necessary scop
Amateur Photographer6 min lettiInternet & Web
Adobe Portfolio
Social media does a good job of allowing us to share our images, but a dedicated website still serves as a better place to keep a portfolio of your images. I was looking to update my own website, when I realised that as an Adobe Creative Cloud user,