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8 March 1967

‘I LONG ago realised that you can’t please everyone all the time with , so I have never even tried,’ wrote Victor Blackman in this editionshowing a line of women having their legs measured. But perhaps all is not as it seems. The men in the picture are Tim Brooke-Taylor (with the tape measure) and John Cleese, two of the stars of this satirical comedy sketch show. ‘The show is mainly built around four men,’ said producer David Frost in the caption. ‘So I want some really super glamour to contrast with them.’ If ‘super glamour’ was beyond your budget, on the next page R Kingshot offered a tutorial on how to create it on a table top using children’s dolls. At just 25s for Sindy (£24 today) and £2 for Tressy (£38), it was a lot cheaper than hiring Raquel Welch for the day.

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