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Clearing his head

Danyl McLauchlan used to be far more certain about things than he is now. Things like the value of science, technology, progressive politics, rationalism and literature. The little things.

He told people while writing the four essays that comprise Tranquillity and Ruin that the book was about uncertainty. It was technically true, he writes. He wasn’t sure what the essays had in common, apart from being subjects he was obsessed with. Uncertainty sounded important and cerebral, but most crucially, vague. Now he thinks he may have been on to something.

On the face of it, the essays are “about” mindfulness, secular Buddhism and e­ective altruism. But they are the best kind

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‘Te Rauparaha Will Never Die’
In the autumn of 1833, Te Rauparaha and a small group of Ngāti Toa were in a canoe that was being driven east by fierce winds towards Te Rae-o-Te-Karaka (Cape Campbell), after they had narrowly avoided death at the hands of a Ngāi Tahu war party at K
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TV Films by
TOOTH FAIRY (TVNZ 2, 6.40pm). Seeing “The Rock” in tights and a tutu has a certain charm, but this is one of Dwayne Johnson’s duller family movies in which he’s a tough ice hockey player moonlighting as a tooth fairy. (2010) KUNG FU PANDA (Three, 7.0
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Countering Cancel Culture
That the Featherston Book-town cancelled a Harry Potter quiz because of JK Rowling’s supposed transphobia is the height of both stupidity and ignorance (“Off the guest list”, May 1). Shame on the organisers for not having examined for themselves what