How to dust yourself off and embrace the future

Allow yourself time and space to process your emotions. Whether you feel the need to cry, shout or be alone, that is perfectly

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Coaching Could Change The Trajectory Of Your Life
After 25 years at the forefront of coaching and coach training in the UK, I remain  fascinated by the psychology of human experience and behaviour. As pioneers of coaching to the highest standards, our focus is to inspire personal growth and make the
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Speak Out Against Discrimination
When discrimination happens to us, our first reaction is often to think that we’re overreacting or being oversensitive. It’s natural to worry that if we call the person out, we might be viewed as someone who can’t take a joke or that we’re making a
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Feel Inner Into Wisdom Your
Deep acceptance of the now is a powerful practice that can alleviate much suffering and struggle in your day-to-day life. Although it’s not always easy, finding gratitude for the very thing we are trying to accept can make the process more accessible