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Arrows And AmaZulu’s Top Billing Justified
IT’S amazing what a few years of reconstruction can do for a club. That the two KwaZulu-Natal-based sides Golden Arrows and AmaZulu will meet in a top of the table derby clash this afternoon proves how much they’ve seized the second bite at the cherr
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Refugees Welcome Reprieve
REFUGEES living in shelters in Wing-field and surrounds can breathe a sigh of relief after their evacuation didn’t materialise. This week, a letter of eviction circulated causing the refugees to worry about where they would be taken. Daff Milambo, wh
Weekend Argus Saturday2 min letti
Beware Of Predatory Scammers
SINCE the pandemic began social media has become a common platform on which we keep in touch while adhering to social distance regulations. However, scammers have become craftier at defrauding people in their most vulnerable state. Private investigat