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It’s a relatively low-cost way to reach a wider audience and build sales. But, it’s important to choose ones that align with your values and brand, as they can easily amplify your

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Where To Sell
There’s never been a broader variety of ways to get your makes out there, so the real challenge is deciding which are right for you. First and foremost, think back to your audience – those customers you considered on page 8 who’ll love what you do. W
Mollie Makes1 min lettiDesign
Vicky Mineikyte
Vicky is a self-taught knitter and pattern designer, creating woolly pieces for her brand vickyknits using high quality, sustainably sourced yarn. Vicky studied fashion design, and discovered her passion for knitwear design in the second year of her
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Make Time To Get Online
It’s hard to think of a world without social media, and even harder to imagine how small creative businesses could ever have built such huge communities without it. Love it or loathe it, social media is the best free marketing tool out there. These l