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Covering science at the moment brings mixed emotions. The daily influx of papers dealing with medical, mental, logistical and political issues around COVID-19 weighs heavy, but

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Cosmos Magazine1 min lettiChemistry
Making Oxygen On Mars
Scientists have found a new way of making oxygen under Martian conditions – one that appears to be 25 times more efficient than that to be tested by NASA’s Perseverance rover. Not that this means there is anything wrong with the NASA process. “Both w
Cosmos Magazine1 min lettiPhysics
Continents ‘Prone To Destruction’ In Infancy
In a paper published in the journal Nature, a team led by Fabio Capitanio from Monash University has helped explain why no trace remains of the continents formed in the first 500 million years of Earth’s history. Their mathematical simulations show t
Cosmos Magazine8 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Rising In The YEAST
If one thing became synonymous with the pandemic lockdowns over the last year, it was baking bread at home. As many countries went into lockdown and flour flew off supermarket shelves along with toilet paper, many found themselves iso-baking bread fo