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Covering science at the moment brings mixed emotions. The daily influx of papers dealing with medical, mental, logistical and political issues around COVID-19 weighs heavy, but

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Cosmos Magazine2 min lettiBiology
Hybrid Evolution
A little mathematics has shown exactly how some animals get their extraordinary patterns. Previous studies have revealed how animal patterns assist survival – colours and shapes help them hide, scare away predators and regulate their body temperature
Cosmos Magazine2 min lettiComputers
Silicone Memory?
If you need a material that can literally be changed to suit you over time, read on. Metamaterials – meaning “beyond matter” – are engineered materials with properties not found in nature. Tian Chen of École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switze
Cosmos Magazine1 min letti
Elemental, My Dear Watson
This false-colour image of the Moon’s surface composition is a mosaic of 53 frames taken through spectral filters as the probe Galileo flew over the Moon on in December 1992. Pinkish areas indicate highlands materials, mainly igneous rocks, such as t