History of War


Author: Neil R Storey Publisher: Pen & Sword Price: £25

It’s true to say that fascination with the proposed invasion of Britain in 1940,

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As the German blitzkrieg swept across Europe in the early days of World War II, American military planners watched with interest. The armoured spearheads of Wehrmacht forces had breached enemy lines and plunged deeply into rear areas, wreaking havoc
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A World History Of War Crimes
Author: Michael Bryant Publisher: Bloomsbury Price: £26.99 The animal kingdom adheres to a strict code of behaviour that proscribes violence between members of the same species, the exceptions being disputes over food and females. Not so human being
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The Glosters’ Gunners
A handful of Royal Artillerymen were the only other British soldiers to receive a US Presidential Unit Citation for the Battle of the Imjin River C Troop, 170th Independent Mortar Battery was a small unit of gunners who were attached to the Glosters