History of War


Author: Mark Atherton Publisher: Bloomsbury Price: £21.99

The Battle of Maldon was one of the defining conflicts of 10th century England. In his account of this encounter along the banks of the

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Heavy metal drummer, diving instructor and historian, Larry has several published books on U-boats as well as special forces during WWII. Over on page 24 he investigates who was really to blame for Germany’s U-boat gamble during WWI. Historian and a
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20 May – 1 June 1941
Split into three, Gruppe West is the largest of the fallschirmjäger assaults and is led by the most senior German officer involved in the landings, Generalmajor Eugen Meindl. Casualties are catastrophic, with one battalion of 600 men losing 400 kille
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William Harvey Carney
On 22 September, 1862, already almost two years into the US Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation stating that, as of 1 January, 1863, all slaves within any State would be “thenceforward, and forever free”. This pr