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Building back better

Ruin and Renewal: Civilising Europe After World War II

by Paul Betts Profile, 544 pages, £25

What is civilisation? Is it the glorious summit of our climb out of the primeval swamp? Is it the triumph of culture and manners over the forces of barbarism? Or is it simply an excuse to proclaim ourselves better than our neighbours, and justify

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Some recipes don’t go out of their way to advertise their deliciousness – and the title of this traditional Tuscan soup, which literally translates as “cooked water”, does itself few favours. It originates from the Maremma region of central Italy and
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It’s a century ago this year that the first great discoveries took place at Harappa, a huge mudbrick mound south of Lahore in what is now Pakistan, to be followed the following year at Mohenjo-daro, more than 400 miles south-west of Harappa. The rema