MAXIM Australia


It was time to get the hell outta Dodge. Like almost every human in the known universe we’d just spent the last few months staring at the same four walls, and our minds were beginning to play tricks on us. Like that trash compactor scene in Star Wars, the room was starting to squeeze in, tightening every day. One thought kept boomeranging back to mind: road trip. That classic American rite of passage, the treasured summer excursion of jumping in your favourite vehicle, stretching your legs and throttle foot and discovering what the world has to offer. And seeing as Rolls- Royce — arguably the most esteemed luxury marque the world has ever known — volunteered a Cullinan Black Badge for adventure, our steed for this voyage was obvious.

The three-tonne steel, leather and carbon fibre totem of affluence is aptly named after the largest diamond ever discovered. Only one question remained: where

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