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Spacesuit stargazing

uture amateur astronomers on Mars will have to be tough and resilient. They might not have to cope with the frustration of cloudy nights like their terrestrial counterparts but they will

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BBC Sky at Night6 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Where To Stargaze In ENGLAND
While it’s often considered a densely populated and light-polluted urban country that’s not ideal for amateur astronomy, England has plenty of hills, open moorland, reservoirs and remote countryside that are perfect for stargazing away from the glow
BBC Sky at Night1 min letti
Gagarin In The UK
After his historic flight, governments around the world invited Gagarin to visit – but not the UK. The cabinet of the day feared upsetting their US allies, so instead it was the trade unions who took it upon themselves to invite the Soviet hero to vi
BBC Sky at Night3 min lettiScience & Mathematics
New Arrivals On Mars
HOPE PROBE, 10 FEBRUARY 2021 Three Mars-bound spacecraft set off within days of each other in February – the Emirates Mars Mission, China’s Tianwen-1 and NASA’s Mars 2020 – but it was the UAE (United Arab Emirates) that first successfully entered the