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Go with the flow ritual

In these ever-changing and often worrying times, many of us feel out of control – but the mermaid is a creature who

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Chat It's Fate4 min letti
Turn To The angels
How can we aspire to be ‘Angels on Earth’? We have to accept that there are some angelic talents we shall never have – like being in multiple places at the same time – but we can be calmer, kinder, and more empathetic. Here are my top five tips for b
Chat It's Fate1 min lettiCrime & Violence
Did You Know?
Psychics have, in some cases, solved murders that the police didn’t even know had happened. In 1987, Andre Daigle went missing after a night out in New Orleans. It was only when his sister contacted a psychic called Rosemarie Kerr that foul play was
Chat It's Fate1 min letti
Top Tips For A Perfect Weave
• Brown willow needs soaking for a day before you can weave with it. • Willow can be soaked in a bath, just make sure to weigh it down and ensure it is kept covered. • Once soaked, wrap up in a wet towel. • Brown willow can be kept for around two to